Home Security Cams (photos)

I decided I needed to install a few home security cameras in my house to watch outside into the parking lot.

Several days ago someone kept putting an empty aluminum can in my parking spot and when I moved it, they placed it directly behind a wheel of my car. I would roll over it when I drove out of my parking spot. Finding it again in my parking space and after several days of this, I wanted to find out who the person was.

Obviously it was someone who watched my apartment at the back of the apartment complex that I live in because on one occasion they moved the can within the time it took me to drive to the store and back which was under an hour.

Because they had done this so many times I ordered a HomeHawk camera that attaches to the living room window by a sturdy suction cup that looks right out onto my car outside. It worked really well and I like being able to watch my car periodically all during the day while working from home to keep an eye on anyone who may come close to it.

I bought this one that costs a reasonable amount for the clarity and brightness of the video, even at night.

It’s easy to see any movement outdoors and even a moth flying in camera range will set off the chime to let me know something moved outside with it’s motion detector.

Here’s a photo of what a HomeHawk camera video looks like at night:

This is a Panasonic HomeHawk Window Home Monitoring Camera video snip taken at night with the porch light on. The HomeHawk security cam is suction-cupped to my living room window. My streaming device is a Connors 10″ Notepad.

This image is what the HomeHawk camera looks like attached to the inside of a window (image courtesy of Amazon).

I run my HomeHawk camera on a cheap 10″ notepad and it runs just fine. Every so often the notepad screen goes to sleep. I’m still searching for instructions on how to prevent my notepad from going to sleep because the screen shuts down during the night even though it is still recording. I think if the notepad goes to sleep I won’t hear a chime when the camera detects motion. I’m not sure if I want to hear this at night but I keep it in my living room, so I’m not disturbed by the chime sound at night when I’m sleeping.

I’ve learned that for every home security camera you have, you need to have it’s own, independent streaming device like a phone, Notepad, or even Amazon Kindle Fire. I wouldn’t spend much money on whatever you choose but knowing what I know now I would use Amazon’s 7″ Kindle Fire because it’s cheap and the screen is a good size to watch what’s going on outside.

You have to plug each camera into a wall socket and they run on your home wifi. You also must download their application software on each of your streaming devices to watch the videos.

While at BestBuy a few days ago I picked up a super cheap Wyze Cam v3 for my other living room window that looks out on the side parking lot. I stream the video on a 7″ Amazon Kindle Fire that works just fine. Since the Fire goes to sleep every 30 minutes you can follow these instructions to keep it from going to sleep. Due to my window having a screen on the lower portion of it, I have to tape the Wyze cam onto the top portion of the window to avoid the camera from viewing through a window screen to interfere with getting a clear picture. I get a surprisingly very clear picture, even clearer than what is shown here.

This is an image from my Wyze Cam v3 streaming on my 7″ Kindle Fire. The actual image in real life is much more clear than this image.

This is what the Wyze Cam v3 looks like (image courtesy of Wyze). I had to use boxing tape to tape it to my window above the window screen that runs along the bottom portion of my window that can be opened.

Hopefully if you want home security cams for your home you might consider buying the same brand in the hopes of running all the video on one device, instead of having a device for each security camera you have. I have not yet found an app that works that will stream more than one cam on one device. Maybe with more research you will be able to find such an app.

I would highly suggest you get some microSD cards to insert into either your streaming devices or your security cameras because they give your devices more memory to record and save your videos on as well as more room to run your security camera apps on.

Here are the items that I bought for my security cam systems. I’m including both streaming devices I already owned that I use:

1. Panasonic HomeHawk Window Home Monitoring Camera for Outdoor Monitoring

2. Generic 10″ tablet (mine is a Coopers brand similar to this one)

3. HomeHawk app on Google Play

4. Wyze cam v3

5. Fire 7 tablet

6. Wyze Cam v3

7. Samsung microSD memory card & adapter, 256G microSDXC (I bought two, one for each camera streamer)

Have fun setting up your security system if you decide you need one. I feel safer having them, and enjoy knowing I am recording whatever activity and whoever may be wanting to harm my car or me, even.

In closing, let’s remember these words:

The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
 the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
 the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.

~Number 6:24-26

I quit carnivore to return to keto; here’s why

I want to thank God today for allowing me to find out that living in the way I’ve been in the past year or so needed to be corrected, for my health and state of mind.

Last weekend I was suffering from a bout of diverticulitis; from what I’ve read I believe this is what was happening to me.

Many of you know I’ve been eating the carnivore way of life, and I’m happy to report that my eating that way was brought to an end. Diverticulitis is common among people middle-aged and older. One reason is that many of these people don’t get enough fiber in their diets.

Fiber is an enemy to the carnivore eating crowd I used to belong to. No fiber is needed, according to the carnivore way.

But alas, after my mild outbreak of what I believe to be diverticulitis, I came to realize that eating carnivore was not working for me. Granted, I was learning that I gained weight on carnivore as many people did – and I was angry about that.

I had been losing weight and feeling good while I practiced intermittent fasting, and when I went to carnivore from keto I began to gain weight. They tell you this is normal, that many successful people eating carnivore first had to gain weight, such as 20 pounds, before they began to drop weight and now they’re super-stars on the Youtube carnivore circuit.

Everyone wants to look and feel the way they do, right?

So throwing myself into carnivore was the way I was going to turn my body health and weight around. It was the latest fad in diets and I was tired of making green salads every day on keto. I was sick of cutting up and chopping veggies, meats, hard-boiled eggs and cheeses doing keto salads, EVERY DAY. It became a chore and a time-consuming one.

Even though I had great success doing keto, as long as I kept intermittent fasting that is, I was tired of having to measure ALL THOSE MACROS! It became like an unwanted science experiment making sure my macros were on target.

Keto was TOO MUCH WORK. I was looking for something new. Carnivore, with it’s simple meat-eating and no measuring method greatly appealed to me and I threw myself into eating carnivore.

After cleaning out my fridge and cabinets of all the keto foods, I bought all the meat I could fit in my freezer and prepared for my new and brilliant, wonderful new diet called carnivore!

After all, surgeons were recommending this way of eating, so what could go wrong?


I was surprised at the amount of bio-breaks I had to take, even having done keto for two years and being fat-adapted already, I WAS UNDERGOING A GREAT AMOUNT OF PAIN AND SUFFERING just trying to make it to the bathroom before having ACCIDENTS ALL DAY!

They don’t warn you about having runny stools, yes, I MEAN DIAHRREA!

They do talk somewhat about diahrrea but not enough to warn you about all the trauma you might suffer when you transition over to carnivore and how awful it is or what to do about it. One doctor said eat more fat but I got to the point of buying over-the-counter anti-diahrreal medicine and went through pepto-bismal like CRAZY, buying it on sale and in large quantities – certainly more than a single person would need in their lifetime! How crazy is that?!

Then after some studying online I found one needs lipase, and I found Lypo-Gold which helped TREMENDOUSLY! What a God-send!

This post is getting long, so I’ll cut to the chase: NO ONE KNOWS HOW HORRIBLE IT IS to start carnivore UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN THROUGH IT AND SOMEHOW SURVIVED!

Those doctors should have a WARNING in RED right on the top of their websites warning people to prepare first, by taking lipase or some other supplement to help them through the WEEK(S) of RUNNY STOOLS they will probably suffer, more likely than not!

Then THEY OUGHT TO WARN YOU ABOUT DIVERTICULITIS AND HOW WE NEED SOME FIBER IN OUR DIETS! This is just a fact: God did not say to eat meat ONLY but gave us lots of plant-foods to choose from that add VARIETY to our diets, make us HEALTHY and HAPPY and keep us in alignment with all that he created for humans on earth. This is my opinion, but DOCTORS OUT THERE OUGHT TO BE FOCUSING HEAVILY UPON GETTING US THROUGH THE FIRST SIGNS OF DIVERTICULITIS AND OTHER ISSUES WE MIGHT HAVE BY SWITCHING OVER TO MEAT ONLY DIETS!


Now I need time to repair and recover, and gain sanity of my mind back!

Thank you God! I love Jesus and thank you if you got this far in reading my post. I’m leaving a link (below) in case you need to read it and want some advice.

Diverticulitis diet

By Mayo Clinic Staff


Four years ago today I was driving to Redmond

I’m saving this video because I mention my belief in God four years ago and it shows the beauty of the general area where I live.

My life has been moved forward from four years ago and watching this video reminds me of how the Lord Jesus Christ has begun working in my life and improving things for me. I am grateful for His help!

Helping to recover after long-COVID-19 and taking the mRNA vaccine

What I wanted to publish today is how you can help yourself after contracting COVID-19 as well as taking the jab.

Epoch Times published an article that discusses how common effects of long-COVID can be treated and how long-COVID commonly effects brain health.

In their Jab Injuries, 50% Long COVID Cases Have This Type of Symptom—2 Ways to Reverse It, the article discusses how the vaccination creates some of the rare symptoms similar to symptoms caused by long-COVID.

50% of long COVID common symptoms are neuropsychiatric.

“…we have summarized before that the COVID disease can cause cytokine storms resulting in inflammation in the nervous system; and they can damage the mitochondria of nerve cells and lipid metabolism disorder.”

– theepochtimes.com

SARS-CoV-2 virus affects the brains ability for self-renewal and inhibits autophagy.

Basically, autophagy encourages cells to eat up old, misfunctioning cells to get rid of them and also recycle the cells waste materials.

1) Fasting, including intermittent fasting, activates autophagy.

2) Terpene treatment activate autophagy.

3) Meditation activates autophagy & reverses damages in the brain. Meditation also reverses the aging process of the brain.

Following is information from a published Orthomolecular.org’s article, Resolving Long-Haul COVID” and Vaccine Toxicity: Neutralizing the Spike Protein, Commentary by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD – June 21, 2021.
Levy writes;

In the article, several therapeutic agents are listed explaining how they work to help address COVID symptoms.

Briefly, the list has seven supplements and therapies, most of which people have become familiar with. (see link for further details).

  1. Hydrogen peroxide (HP) nebulization
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Ivermectin
  4. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Chloroquine (CQ)
  5. Quercetin
  6. Other Bio-Oxidative Therapies
  7. Baseline Vital Immune Support Supplementation

A fundraiser for a connection on LinkedIn who has multiple sclerosis

Got my neurodivergent brain cup

❤️  Got my neurodivergent brain cup through Bogdan Lapadat SPHR‘s store! Get yours! I love it! 😄 ❤️ bringawareness.org
Link to the fundraiser; Be a hero today!

Styrofoam protected

Occasionally I donate to a gofundme campaign if it’s for someone I know or if a friend asks me to support someone they know.

Recently I learned that one of my connections on LinkedIn named Bogdan Lapadat, has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and learned about his story, from reading his LinkedIn profile.

This whole situation is heartbreaking due to his having worked in the Human Resources field for a long time, but now he’s unable to work. He has to travel regularly to Mexico for treatment, paid out-of-pocket. Since he doesn’t work there is no insurance to pay for this.

This is a nice guy, a very nice young guy who has a store to help raise money he can use toward paying for his treatments. In case you’re interested, it’s found here.

When you go to the link at bringawareness.org you will see the very cup I bought that arrived today in the mail. I love it! It’s heavy, big and creative!

It was packed in a nice styrofoam box so was well-protected.

If you have a chance and want a cup to support Bogdan, or you want to buy a t-shirt, beanie or other creative item, you will be supporting Bogdan. He’s on LinkedIn.

Let’s bless others where we can. We can do a lot in this world, blessings to all of you!

I forgot I was a “Reverend”

I have to laugh at myself. Nine or more years ago when I first toyed with the idea of being a Christian and not knowing much, I registered to become a Reverend with an online company so I could marry people or do whatever they do.

I’m an ordained minister.

Before I share the email I got congratulating me on my nine years, I want to say something. I didn’t become a real Christian until about five or six years ago because I was new into Christianity nine or more years ago. I simply felt I would travel a road to find God.

At that time I went to non-believing churches such as Unity Church. I took classes offered through many churches, some online and some in person. I even went on retreats with one church. But I wouldn’t recommend those church’s any more. It wasn’t true Christianity. I wasn’t reading the bible like I am now and I wasn’t educated from the bible nearly like I am now.

I don’t consider myself as becoming a real Christian until five or six years ago. Even being baptized years before that and not knowing what the gospels of Jesus Christ were truly about is not something I would say meant I even knew really what I was doing. I was in a desperate state and my guess is that Jesus laughed at my traveling these non-Christian roads that were from false teachers in churches that weren’t truly Christian.

I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord, and that I am truly saved. That is how I see my journey to becoming a real Christian and worshipping Christ in truth.

And I want to say that my dad was also ordained so that he could marry people. He was a staunch atheist.

Here’s the email I received.

Anniversary Welcome
Greetings Rev. Suzanne! Another year, another cheer! That’s right, it’s now been 9 years since you became an ordained minister! We can’t believe it either. Time really does fly when you are having fun, doesn’t it? It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch, and we just wanted to check in and see how things are going. Have you been taking full advantage of your status as a legally ordained minister?
No matter what activities you might have planned moving forward, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our site is stocked with all of the information and supplies that you may need to meet any challenge that comes your way and continue your mission to make the universe a better place. We would encourage you to click around the site and explore all of the resources that are available to you.
ULC Collage
That said… chances are you’re already an old pro at this. Indeed, you’ve probably officiated your fair share of ceremonies by this point, but are you doing so in full regalia? If you’d like to add a bit of flair to your clergy outfit, consider picking up an official ULC stole! Our stoles feature tasteful gold stitching, high-quality tassels, and are available in a range of color options.

Please do not plagiarize this post but you may share it with my website link on social media. Feel free to share using the social media buttons.

Update: Dr. Hank Bernstein explains how our body can stop the continuation of spike proteins after mRNA jab (video)

It may be a relief to many of us that the spike protein incurred from taking the mRNA jab will be broken down by the body’s natural actions through enzymes and removed from the body.

Image: courtesy of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Bernstein explains that mRNA “has a very short lifespan”. Watch the video.

The article was last reviewed on Mar 16, 2021

Update: There are doubtlessly many online sources that have reported on how to mitigate the damages of the spike protein in the body. I’ve added just a few here. If you find good ones you can post them in the comments.

Several articles online also report that fasting can help rid and repair the body from the spike protein.

Ways To Clear the Spike Proteins From The Body As Vaccine Injuries Skyrocket (June 11, 2022)

This article has different strategies to detoxify spike proteins.

Cancelling the Spike Protein: Preventing and Treating Chronic COVID and Vaccine Complications Nov 16, 2021)

This article contains suggested protocols with a long list of references written by a Dr. Thomas E. Levy.

How long do mRNA and spike proteins last in the body? July 2, 2021

Published by Nebraska Medicine

A new website I’m working on


Here’s a new website I’ve been working on. It’s about homelessness, topics related to homelessness, sightseeing around Bellevue, Washington state and other things. I’m trying to get this going as a Christian to add to the voices that are concerned with the growing number of homeless people and increased crime in our area.

Called the eastside, we are on the east side of Seattle and it seems the homeless are migrating and being moved into coming shelters for the homeless in Bellevue and spread around King County.

It’s a new site so I’ve barely gotten started but feel free to have a look and come back to this site. I will add a domain later after I wait the 60 days before I can use it. It will be located at www.socializinggrace.com

God bless and take care.

Living in a corner

Imagine you have a blanket or a sleeping bag, a tent, a shopping cart full of stuff you’ve collected, and cardboard to sleep on.

What this means is, you don’t have a refrigerator, a cell phone, a TV, a bed, a car, a bicycle, a computer, a desk and chair, a bedroom, a comfy couch, a microwave, a bathroom, fans or air conditioning when it gets too hot, food or cooking utensils.

Instead, you are dirty, sweaty, exhausted, afraid, hungry, constantly uncomfortable, not sure where you’ll sleep, no decent place to use the restroom, are shunned and rejected by people, you sit for long hours every day, maybe you watch traffic, and wonder how you will keep living this way. Maybe you panhandle, use drugs, drink alcohol.

You have no friends and you trust no one because you’ve been robbed so many times, your life is tough. You want your privacy and space and to feel normal again.

Your life is small. Very, very, small. You barely move sometimes because you have nowhere to go anyway. Your mind has shrunk, literally, and you have thoughts of killing yourself, you’re in so much misery and pain all the time. What do you do, where do you go? Cars drive by, people walk by and no one notices the pain you’re in. But you can’t think your way out of a box.

Your mind isn’t functioning, you blankly stare out into the street, you have nothing to live for.

It’s a small, small, and very lifeless world. You are on your way to death.