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My Strength And Song


“The Lord is my strength and song, And is become my salvation.” – Psalm 118:14

god-1772560_1920These words inspire me today with what the world is going through.  I realize we all need strength to face the world, and to go out into the day with a song in our hearts to lift us through the tyranny we face, especially for the Coptic Christians who were slaughtered on their way to a monastery in Egypt, recently.

Especially for those of us who see this happen, and mourn the senseless death taking place.  The slaughter of people who were innocent of doing anything wrong but to wantsalvation use this to pray and serve God in a way that was peaceful, but that challenged crazed people who do not have peace in their hearts to carry out wonderful works of God.

They kill people, instead.

I want to know God, the Lord Jesus Christ more and more each day. I want to follow Christ and do His good works that he guides me to do while here on earth, through learning of the bible and being led by his Holy Spirit. I have faith that I have the Holy Spirit who pushes me on to learn more from the bible and gives me a thirst for knowledge of God and His Almighty world and earth and heavens.  

I have found myself in a rather difficult living predicament here in Washington state.  

As a Christian, I face the wrath of people who are non-conservative, doing their own thing and drawing other people way out of the lines of the people God created, and the ways of Him who were meant to be God’s children.

pink flowersI imagine his wrath He feels and will come to those who don’t believe on Him.

They don’t know who He is at all, yet play experts at knowing who He is. I doubt they have ever searched for the real God, not the Allah of other peoples, or the gods of Hindi’s, papal religions and the like. They are bible experts, right? Or so they believe that about themselves.

They think Father God is a crazy old man in the sky, waiting to slaughter them over the tiniest of things, but they don’t know he has patiently offered to be in relationship with them, guiding them, protecting their interests, wanting to love them as His own children who will enter the Kingdom when they have died. God is Good, and mankind is rotten, to the core.

Yet He offers His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who may save them from the death of the roiling fire if they just give Him a chance.

I look around and see all these things; bad attitudes of man, holy things being wrecked, tipped over and destroyed and the mainstream making fun of the Coptic’s who were killed for wanting to pray at a church and say their prayers to the God of the Kingdom, Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy of Holy God’s, the only and one true God, Jesus Christ, God’s true Son who died for all of our sins on the cross who lived and walked the earth performing miracles and teaching man about the kindness of his Father who waits for them in heaven, and other rules of life, and spoke in parables to guide us.

No, this can’t be the angry man in the sky these mainstream religious experts preach about.  How loving can you be, to give your Son to die on the cross for all of our sins, to be given a way to live for eternity with God Almighty who created them?

A song in my heart, and the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ, carries me through each day. I know this is the times, and the end of times. We are getting close and it is the last days.  Choose your side, will you be with God and live with his strength each day or will you choose to go your own way and on your own strength and face the false hopes you will be saved? Who is telling you that you will be saved? Is it the evil satan who leads you to a path of death and destruction, ultimately, and gives you broken families and broken marriages, death and destruction to the world or natural catastrophes you cannot survive, or will it be Christ’s peace, who handles everything, guiding and protecting His people to the peace that passeth all understanding leading to everlasting life one day?

The Lord Jesus is waiting, ready to save those who want Him, giving all mankind a choice in whether to accept him or not.  We all make a choice, whether we make a conscious decision or not.  It is a choice to ignore God and the bible, after all.  Do you choose Heaven with glorious God, or hell with satan and being kept away from God for the rest of your eternity?

It is up to you, but beware, if what He says is real and true, a wiser choice would be giving God a chance to commune with you.  Are your arms outstretched seeking Jesus Christ?  It will happen one day and you will meet the Son, Jesus Christ with welcoming arms into heaven or in His Day of Judgment.  We all will meet him. 

Which direction are you going?

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I Believe In God

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As a Christian, to be a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, means giving a testimony of ourselves, and sharing the word of God.  I realized I am missing my testimony, while I share my faith on my blog.  

At the end of this page is where I share a short video about how he has  helped me survive in a van during these turbulent times we are living in, and that I am grateful.

Compared to many professing Christians, I have only about three or four years of consistent searching for the Lord Jesus Christ, and he is easy to find.  Being sincere of heart and reading His Word every day will bring you a knowledge of His being real.  He cares, and He loves people, only wanting them to submit themselves to His lovingkindness.  I would rather put my life in His hands, then face the world alone.

We are to be raptured soon, being raised up to “meet him in the air”.  

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.                       – 1 Thessalonians 4:17

I give a short testimony about how Jesus has helped me live in a van with peace and gratitude.  I am living within my means and doing it comfortably without financial stress.

Here is my video on YouTube.

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How do you seek Christ when you’re in a liberal area of the country?

I wondered how a liberal could change their thinking and come to believe in Jesus here in Washington state?  It’s hard when you know everyone’s a liberal except for the few closet Trump supporters who don’t advertise who they voted for in fear of losing their jobs or friends and family over it.  I suppose one has to lie to their loved ones about how they votes since Antifa or others will attack you for saying you like Trump.  As a matter of fact there are few telling the truth about being an Antifa supporter who will come clean with telling you how they broke a window in a protest or threw rocks at Trump supporters.  Maybe they do and they probably brag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about it.

If there are any Christians out there who read this post, how do you suppose we can come together and think of ways to make it easier for those in liberal communities to come to know Christ if they don’t like churches and they find it next to impossible to ask someone, who may know the Lord Jesus Christ, who He is?

I had a thought for those who have been shamed into silence about God.  Possibly leave a bible on your desk at work, not talking about it but letting it be known that you are a Christian.  A friend at work wears a giant cross around his neck while in uniform as a security guard.  No one seems to mind but he’s not white; he’s of Puerto Rican descent, and being a “minority”, I suppose the Libs think he is okay no matter what he does.  They are so focused on racism and how they do not support racist attitudes that they have forgotten they are mostly white in my estimation and so that would make them the biggest group who practice racism, and they apologize for being born white.  I don’t know what someone is supposed to do when they are born while and they can’t think of how to become brown, or yellow or even black skinned people.  Should we be blamed for being born white?

As far as ideas about making yourself available to those seekers who want to know if they want God in their lives, bloggers could post more about what to do as a new seeker of Christ, to see if He is real and if they want Him in their lives.  They can’t even explore this with the shaming that goes on and families often won’t support their wanting to know if the God of so many true Christians is the True God.  Knowing God, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the new red line and you don’t step over it without a fight.  People fight you and you have to fight to take a stance in life and it’s hard work and unfair to the person wanting God.  I know, I’ve had to do this daily but I’m not good at it for fear of losing my job if I speak about the Lord Jesus at work.

So my next thought was to post an ad on a blog, or a free ad space on either craigslist, or maybe online at the local newspaper’s blog, or the TV news blogs asking anyone in the area who needs “a sponsor” who will shepherd them to knowing the real Jesus Christ to call you and let you meet them in a coffee shop and then in their homes.  Is it any wonder that they may not want to go to a church that has no personal interest in you but just wants you in the pews and to support their ministry?  It puts me off, too.  I don’t like the churches I’ve gone to who have become centers for entertainment and forgot who Christ is, and it’s not the kind of place I want to spend time in.  Time is valuable, and we’re getting into the very last days when I and many others believe the Rapture is right around the corner.

Time to go to work, folks.  The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.  If you are a Christian, what are you doing for the Lord today?

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A Christian in a liberal world that appears to be the “normal majority”

This site will examine differences in Christianity and Islam and inform those who want to learn along with me as I explore why a religion that poses as a “religion of peace” can be so violent and anti-American.

I live in Washington state now having been born in California, so I have gone against the tide of the cultural norms often found in such liberals parts of the U.S. and the world, for that matter.  I may write things that don’t make sense to people but it may be that a new perspective or paradigm is what needs to be presented so they make sense for some people who are wondering who Jesus is and what he stands for – what His meaning is for Christians around the world so that those of you who are not believers and know nothing about Christ can have something to go on.  After all, you most probably have not heard the truth and have been given some kind of anti-Christian agenda to work on, and don’t know a thing about the bible, the same way I and many others did when I grew up in northern California, the bastion of liberal values.  

It is a hard road to follow if you are a converted atheist who has become a believer in Christ in such a liberal society as we have now in the U.S.  Being a Christian goes against the values of the liberal “norms”, such as being in the LGBTQ community, or having an abortion but I would trade it all to live forever with the Lord Jesus Christ if I had to, being that I do not have those morals.  I am a Christian, a true believer and I plan to meet Jesus Christ one day in the air – and I hope it happens soon.   

I am a Trump supporter just so you know up front and I don’t take too kindly to how America has become such a militant, liberal leaning society where I don’t feel I can comfortably say I am a Christian without someone scowling, or insulting the truth about God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  It is my faith, and I don’t cut others down for their leftist leanings, at least while I’m at work, so might I have the same courtesy of not having to cut through the B.S. I know I will receive if I speak out about how I support Trump and I believe we should become more conservative without someone finding ways to sue me or cause me to get fired?

So much for the liberal multicultural hogwash that postulates everyone have tolerance for everyone, except for having tolerance for Christians and conservatives.

Muslims, and other non-believers of the Lord Jesus Christ will miss their chance to escape the terrible things to come during the Tribulation years, and they will not be snatched away by the Lord Jesus Christ to escape the terrible times to come, the Tribulation years of God’s wrath against sin and the evils of society around the world.

They will instead be left behind on earth, and not “raised up” to be with their Lord and Savior Jesus, to live in a world that will experience a terrible death toll, one filled with plagues, famines, and natural disasters, and of course many wars during the seven years of the Great Tribulation, before the Lord’s Judgment of all mankind who have not sought the Lord Jesus, and who have turned away from Him.  True Christians will be comfortably saved above it all, in a Holy Land above, celebrating their Savior and living in joy of the harvest in harmony with others who had the tenacity to believe in Jesus as the Savior.

Christ returns to gather His “elect” in what is called “the rapture”.   The word “rapture” comes from a Greek word, “harpadzo”, which means “to snatch away speedily”.  The Apostle Paul says in the bible, For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God (1 Thessalonians 4:16).

Unfortunately, unless the non-believers turn it around and become one of God’s children and believe on Jesus Christ, they will lose out.  I wouldn’t want that for anyone, either would Jesus Christ.