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A Christian in a liberal world that appears to be the “normal majority”

This site will examine differences in Christianity and Islam and inform those who want to learn along with me as I explore why a religion that poses as a “religion of peace” can be so violent and anti-American.

I live in Washington state now having been born in California, so I have gone against the tide of the cultural norms often found in such liberals parts of the U.S. and the world, for that matter.  I may write things that don’t make sense to people but it may be that a new perspective or paradigm is what needs to be presented so they make sense for some people who are wondering who Jesus is and what he stands for – what His meaning is for Christians around the world so that those of you who are not believers and know nothing about Christ can have something to go on.  After all, you most probably have not heard the truth and have been given some kind of anti-Christian agenda to work on, and don’t know a thing about the bible, the same way I and many others did when I grew up in northern California, the bastion of liberal values.  

It is a hard road to follow if you are a converted atheist who has become a believer in Christ in such a liberal society as we have now in the U.S.  Being a Christian goes against the values of the liberal “norms”, such as being in the LGBTQ community, or having an abortion but I would trade it all to live forever with the Lord Jesus Christ if I had to, being that I do not have those morals.  I am a Christian, a true believer and I plan to meet Jesus Christ one day in the air – and I hope it happens soon.   

I am a Trump supporter just so you know up front and I don’t take too kindly to how America has become such a militant, liberal leaning society where I don’t feel I can comfortably say I am a Christian without someone scowling, or insulting the truth about God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  It is my faith, and I don’t cut others down for their leftist leanings, at least while I’m at work, so might I have the same courtesy of not having to cut through the B.S. I know I will receive if I speak out about how I support Trump and I believe we should become more conservative without someone finding ways to sue me or cause me to get fired?

So much for the liberal multicultural hogwash that postulates everyone have tolerance for everyone, except for having tolerance for Christians and conservatives.

Muslims, and other non-believers of the Lord Jesus Christ will miss their chance to escape the terrible things to come during the Tribulation years, and they will not be snatched away by the Lord Jesus Christ to escape the terrible times to come, the Tribulation years of God’s wrath against sin and the evils of society around the world.

They will instead be left behind on earth, and not “raised up” to be with their Lord and Savior Jesus, to live in a world that will experience a terrible death toll, one filled with plagues, famines, and natural disasters, and of course many wars during the seven years of the Great Tribulation, before the Lord’s Judgment of all mankind who have not sought the Lord Jesus, and who have turned away from Him.  True Christians will be comfortably saved above it all, in a Holy Land above, celebrating their Savior and living in joy of the harvest in harmony with others who had the tenacity to believe in Jesus as the Savior.

Christ returns to gather His “elect” in what is called “the rapture”.   The word “rapture” comes from a Greek word, “harpadzo”, which means “to snatch away speedily”.  The Apostle Paul says in the bible, For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God (1 Thessalonians 4:16).

Unfortunately, unless the non-believers turn it around and become one of God’s children and believe on Jesus Christ, they will lose out.  I wouldn’t want that for anyone, either would Jesus Christ.

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