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How do you seek Christ when you’re in a liberal area of the country?

I wondered how a liberal could change their thinking and come to believe in Jesus here in Washington state?  It’s hard when you know everyone’s a liberal except for the few closet Trump supporters who don’t advertise who they voted for in fear of losing their jobs or friends and family over it.  I suppose one has to lie to their loved ones about how they votes since Antifa or others will attack you for saying you like Trump.  As a matter of fact there are few telling the truth about being an Antifa supporter who will come clean with telling you how they broke a window in a protest or threw rocks at Trump supporters.  Maybe they do and they probably brag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about it.

If there are any Christians out there who read this post, how do you suppose we can come together and think of ways to make it easier for those in liberal communities to come to know Christ if they don’t like churches and they find it next to impossible to ask someone, who may know the Lord Jesus Christ, who He is?

I had a thought for those who have been shamed into silence about God.  Possibly leave a bible on your desk at work, not talking about it but letting it be known that you are a Christian.  A friend at work wears a giant cross around his neck while in uniform as a security guard.  No one seems to mind but he’s not white; he’s of Puerto Rican descent, and being a “minority”, I suppose the Libs think he is okay no matter what he does.  They are so focused on racism and how they do not support racist attitudes that they have forgotten they are mostly white in my estimation and so that would make them the biggest group who practice racism, and they apologize for being born white.  I don’t know what someone is supposed to do when they are born while and they can’t think of how to become brown, or yellow or even black skinned people.  Should we be blamed for being born white?

As far as ideas about making yourself available to those seekers who want to know if they want God in their lives, bloggers could post more about what to do as a new seeker of Christ, to see if He is real and if they want Him in their lives.  They can’t even explore this with the shaming that goes on and families often won’t support their wanting to know if the God of so many true Christians is the True God.  Knowing God, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the new red line and you don’t step over it without a fight.  People fight you and you have to fight to take a stance in life and it’s hard work and unfair to the person wanting God.  I know, I’ve had to do this daily but I’m not good at it for fear of losing my job if I speak about the Lord Jesus at work.

So my next thought was to post an ad on a blog, or a free ad space on either craigslist, or maybe online at the local newspaper’s blog, or the TV news blogs asking anyone in the area who needs “a sponsor” who will shepherd them to knowing the real Jesus Christ to call you and let you meet them in a coffee shop and then in their homes.  Is it any wonder that they may not want to go to a church that has no personal interest in you but just wants you in the pews and to support their ministry?  It puts me off, too.  I don’t like the churches I’ve gone to who have become centers for entertainment and forgot who Christ is, and it’s not the kind of place I want to spend time in.  Time is valuable, and we’re getting into the very last days when I and many others believe the Rapture is right around the corner.

Time to go to work, folks.  The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.  If you are a Christian, what are you doing for the Lord today?

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