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My Strength And Song


“The Lord is my strength and song, And is become my salvation.” – Psalm 118:14

god-1772560_1920These words inspire me today with what the world is going through.  I realize we all need strength to face the world, and to go out into the day with a song in our hearts to lift us through the tyranny we face, especially for the Coptic Christians who were slaughtered on their way to a monastery in Egypt, recently.

Especially for those of us who see this happen, and mourn the senseless death taking place.  The slaughter of people who were innocent of doing anything wrong but to wantsalvation use this to pray and serve God in a way that was peaceful, but that challenged crazed people who do not have peace in their hearts to carry out wonderful works of God.

They kill people, instead.

I want to know God, the Lord Jesus Christ more and more each day. I want to follow Christ and do His good works that he guides me to do while here on earth, through learning of the bible and being led by his Holy Spirit. I have faith that I have the Holy Spirit who pushes me on to learn more from the bible and gives me a thirst for knowledge of God and His Almighty world and earth and heavens.  

I have found myself in a rather difficult living predicament here in Washington state.  

As a Christian, I face the wrath of people who are non-conservative, doing their own thing and drawing other people way out of the lines of the people God created, and the ways of Him who were meant to be God’s children.

pink flowersI imagine his wrath He feels and will come to those who don’t believe on Him.

They don’t know who He is at all, yet play experts at knowing who He is. I doubt they have ever searched for the real God, not the Allah of other peoples, or the gods of Hindi’s, papal religions and the like. They are bible experts, right? Or so they believe that about themselves.

They think Father God is a crazy old man in the sky, waiting to slaughter them over the tiniest of things, but they don’t know he has patiently offered to be in relationship with them, guiding them, protecting their interests, wanting to love them as His own children who will enter the Kingdom when they have died. God is Good, and mankind is rotten, to the core.

Yet He offers His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who may save them from the death of the roiling fire if they just give Him a chance.

I look around and see all these things; bad attitudes of man, holy things being wrecked, tipped over and destroyed and the mainstream making fun of the Coptic’s who were killed for wanting to pray at a church and say their prayers to the God of the Kingdom, Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy of Holy God’s, the only and one true God, Jesus Christ, God’s true Son who died for all of our sins on the cross who lived and walked the earth performing miracles and teaching man about the kindness of his Father who waits for them in heaven, and other rules of life, and spoke in parables to guide us.

No, this can’t be the angry man in the sky these mainstream religious experts preach about.  How loving can you be, to give your Son to die on the cross for all of our sins, to be given a way to live for eternity with God Almighty who created them?

A song in my heart, and the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ, carries me through each day. I know this is the times, and the end of times. We are getting close and it is the last days.  Choose your side, will you be with God and live with his strength each day or will you choose to go your own way and on your own strength and face the false hopes you will be saved? Who is telling you that you will be saved? Is it the evil satan who leads you to a path of death and destruction, ultimately, and gives you broken families and broken marriages, death and destruction to the world or natural catastrophes you cannot survive, or will it be Christ’s peace, who handles everything, guiding and protecting His people to the peace that passeth all understanding leading to everlasting life one day?

The Lord Jesus is waiting, ready to save those who want Him, giving all mankind a choice in whether to accept him or not.  We all make a choice, whether we make a conscious decision or not.  It is a choice to ignore God and the bible, after all.  Do you choose Heaven with glorious God, or hell with satan and being kept away from God for the rest of your eternity?

It is up to you, but beware, if what He says is real and true, a wiser choice would be giving God a chance to commune with you.  Are your arms outstretched seeking Jesus Christ?  It will happen one day and you will meet the Son, Jesus Christ with welcoming arms into heaven or in His Day of Judgment.  We all will meet him. 

Which direction are you going?

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