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Christian Counselor: A Way In The Making

Legion Park, Everett, Washington    Photo credit: sleboeuf

I don’t earn much these days, and it’s hard to live here in Washington state with a small paycheck. I work 40 hours a week as a front-desk security guard.  It is not my specialty, I just sort of fell into it as an avocation, but it’s not where my training is. It’s not much of a livelihood, but I live day to day being supported by it, living in my van, trying to make ends meet.  Living within my means means that I have to carefully budget my precious earned few dollars in my paycheck every month, since it is smaller than most people’s paychecks.

It’s a long story about how I happened to become employed by a security company, because I gave up my training and education to be a mental health clinician, with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, then went on to work toward a Ph.D. in Psychology which became interrupted by too much money being owed already, and having a child support case to fight in Superior Court.  I was drained and exhausted, being my own attorney and paying a mortgage at the same time.  It was overwhelming.  I had already been through the trauma of having a child stolen at a young age, but recovering from being a battered wife and mother, trying to protect a small child from domestic violence and abuse.

I began to realize that mental health treatment wasn’t the answer; people did not seem to be getting well and could not function on their own, becoming dependent on the mental health system to give them housing and necessities along with “mental health treatment” which didn’t consist of much except for psychiatric drugs, but little real therapy.  I became alarmed when I noticed that some of the people working in my field were uncaring, jaded, and did not really care about the patients.

I talk about my experience in giving up my counseling career in my YouTube here.

I had begun to believe in God when I attended several meetings to address my issues with spousal abuse, and I joined a 12-Step Program for spouses, primarily, of alcoholics and drug abusers, called “Al-Anon”.  A branch-off in California was called “Adult Children of Alcoholics”, or “ACA”, for those raised by an alcoholic or drug addicted parent.  As children we grew up in abusive households, and were often neglected, or singled out to be ganged up on.  It wasn’t a very good home life that I grew up in and to this day I have no communication with my family of origin.  So I became a Mental Health Therapist.  After having looked at my own issues in 12-Step Recovery, I knew I could help somebody else.

I realized I had to believe in the real God, the Lord Jesus Christ, after many years of dabbling in the belief.  I had given up on my belief during the years of extreme abuse that I believe Satan made worse than it could ever have been.  He doesn’t like people seeking Christ Almighty, as you may be aware of and will attack a person mercilessly as punishment, trying to keep a person away from seeking the Lord Jesus Christ.

This sudden need to learn about Christ began a journey I would not imagine; due to the problems in the counseling field that I witnessed during my years in the field, I knew I was doing a disservice to patients I had worked with in mental health treatment.

They deserved to know the real truth, that of Jesus Christ, being the Supreme Healer and Counselor, the Savior of All.  Without Christ it seems as if mental health treatment today is not effective, and many suffer many years of neglect, abuse and the lies of treatment.  It is my belief that the big pharma industry thrives on keeping people sick, and I for one did not want to be a believer in Christ Jesus and leave him out of my treatment.

I prayed for some clients now and then, but I felt I could do better as a Christian Counselor.  Those jobs do not seem available.  I have searched here in Washington, but the only counselor I found who was in a church I used to go to became an enemy; he rudely gave me the brush-off when I told him I would really be interested in seeing if I may one day be considered as a therapist in his Christian non-profit business.  After that, I gave up since I had already exhausted all the leads I could find in the Pacific Northwest and no one seemed to have any job openings in my field here.

Back to van living; I want to find an alternative income where I can work as a security guard and spend my time thinking about new sources of income, such as a blog where I give my advice to anyone seeking mental health treatment but from a Christian perspective.   I am a true Christian, not someone that has joined a church because of it’s size, and I don’t want to go to a church that is focused on providing lavish sources of entertainment, such as large bands on stage which is not focusing on Our Lord and Savior.  I want to be a part of a community that really studies the bible, and we are learning who Christ is and learning what he wants for our lives.

I am a real believer and would not present myself to be anything less.


5 thoughts on “Christian Counselor: A Way In The Making

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! Do you have a gofundme or paypal account. I would be happy to donate to your cause as you minister through your blog. Your perspective is so unique!


    1. Robert, thank you for your kind comments, yes, I have a PayPal account. If you choose to, my donation button on the bottom right side has a Donation button, and it links with my PayPal account. I’m glad you appreciate my blog post (s)and I appreciate donations 😄. Thanks for being a reader!

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