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Cessationism And The Miracles Jesus Still Performs

detail-1434536_1920I guess what bothers me the most about the continuationists, is there misunderstanding, from what I’ve read, of what cessationism is.  They think the cessationists think that Jesus is done performing miracles and that no other people can get healed, and miraculously, that Jesus will perform.

Cessationists believe Jesus still can, and does, perform miracles as he wishes, any time of day or night.  He acts when he wants to provide those healing miracles.  All we do is ask, possibly keeping in prayer over long periods of time, or whatever the Spirit moves us to do.

We can’t control what Jesus will do out of the mercy of His heart.  He may have reasons for healing some but not others, and we can’t know all that until we meet him in heaven, is my belief, at least.  Unless, of course, something comes to mind to help explain to my human mind the reasons for which I still suffer from low-thyroid or otherwise am not as healthy as I would like.

Don’t think I haven’t prayed for my miraculous healing.  I have, over years of trying, and I still suffer the consequences of having low-thyroid hormonal function.  The only guidance I believe I’ve gotten in this respect are the many ways I can help relieve some of the fatigue, and general malaise of my failing thyroid condition.

My questions to some of you are, are we so big-headed that we have to act like Jesus?  Do we march around healing people, or do we seek God to provide for us, including the healing that we want?  What is wrong with praying to the miraculous God who created us, instead of going to a “middle man”, who lays hands on us, or says a prayer, maybe a formula prayer like they teach in those classes online, to heal someone?  I think it’s an abomination to think Jesus no longer heals.

He can do what He wants.

It is said by cessationalists that the bible, and I use the King James Version, is God’s final canonical work created for humans to read; a finished book given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ and which is sufficient for us to learn about Him from.  It is all that is needed.

One thought on “Cessationism And The Miracles Jesus Still Performs

  1. Great thoughts! I believe that God still heals both on His own and by blessing others with this gift. A healing through another person can help develop and build the faith of both people and might also be a seed planted for a future friendship. 😊


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