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Counseling Women

car campingMy Master’s Degree is in Counseling Psychology, for which I explained, in part, why I gave up practicing this discipline in my video.  I am dwelling in my van, so talked about this from a car I used to live in, instead of my office.  

I gave up my house where I was living because I could no longer afford the rent.  Living in a vehicle was a drastic change, but I am getting used to living in a van.  Once I get office space set up inside, I will be happier.

Back to my being a counselor or mental health clinician: I came to know Christ while I was homeless in Ohio, after I traveled across the U.S., zig-zagging my way across the country years ago.  I am a baby-boomer, so that must have been back in the early 2000’s.

I came to know Christ in that I began to follow Him, wanting to know Him but not finding answers.  The people who knew Christ were arrogant and I did not have a chance to know much about how Jesus is with these people.  Please when you come across an arrogant Christian, tell them they are not helping you to know and understand Christ.  They are only out for themselves and presenting themselves as being above everyone else.

If you know Christ you don’t have to act like you know everything.  Please don’t go into your supposition that if you are male, you are the leader and females are supposed to obey your words.  Many of these dumb snobs are not worth following; they will only cut you down.  Pretending they are superior to women is not the way to go.  God made man and woman, not superior and inferior dog that follows behind.   Remember that, men!

As a validating support counselor in many people’s lives along the way, I would never counsel them to accept abuse, nor tolerate someone’s putting them down.  After all, they have their rightful place on earth, no man being superior to women.  Just the roles are different, and in many cases women must bring home the income.  They may be the major bread-earners for a family.  Remember that too, please men!

Women can adapt, and use their talents and skills to become healthy role-models of families, and also be CEO’s of Christian-leaning (hopefully), corporations.  Why did God give women the brains in the family?  He knew that they were intelligent beings and could do a lot.  Men were usually given the brawn, but not the brains, right ladies?  This is not a sexist remark, only to turn the tables on what women have lived under for far too long!

 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. – Psalm 118:8

I will never submit to men, only God.  That is the way He made me.