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Not A Mental Health Counselor

rainbow-828920_640I thought more about not practicing as a Mental Health Counselor, and why I was stuck in a job that didn’t pay much and was not in my usual field of work.  My background, education and training is in the Human Services fields, such as social work, therapy, faculty member and counseling.  As I thought more about why I was not entering into these fields, a thought occurred to me.

Now that I am a Christian, would these fields agree with my faith as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ?  My answer was “no”.  And later I realized that I had to answer with a very definite “no”.

I got a piece of scratch paper and started writing down reasons that I had not thought about as reasons why I was not enabled to go back to working in my normal fields.  I was not part of the mainstream any more, and my thoughts have changed about social norms and how people are categorized.

My belief will not allow me to enable people to be gay, lesbian, transgender, or any other gender identity that are so common today.  I could not be a social worker in a foster family agency and support a child who wanted to be a boy but was a girl at birth.  I would not support these sexual, and fluid apparently, identities.  It would not go along with my faith, in the God who created all.  He does not make mistakes, and to change a gender would not make God very happy.  I cannot follow a social norm that takes a man and makes him a woman, or a six-year old girl.  It does not make any sense and I think the field of psychology has gone wacko to support these claims of “gender fluidity” which “may change every day”, or so I’ve heard.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.  –  Psalm 139:14

How could I agree to support a child wanting to be a boy who had been born a girl?  I think it is the social norm nowadays to follow the crowd into an abysmal fad; call yourself a girl when you’re a boy, and think it might garner some acceptance of you when you can’t make it as a boy so think you’ll have an easier time of it with people if you’re a girl?  You never have to be yourself that way.  It’s easy, the weirder a person is, the more of a victim they play and we have to make allowances for them.  

That is my opinion. It is so easy to be the scapegoat which I plan to be, when people read my post and argue with me that gender fluidity, for example, is not a mental disorder, like it used to be, but is someone’s real self.  

Don’t you notice how the boundaries kept getting looser and looser after about the ’60’s? Remember?  We had men and women in those days who turned into hippies… and well, it all got messed up, what, with the fornication going on and the liberal attitudes that it was “all okay”, we all do it, and some did more than others…  some even bragged about it.  Then many caught diseases of a sort, many caught crabs, and many other sexually-transmitted diseases cropped up, and some were serious like HIV or AIDS.

I guess we weren’t supposed to have sex that way.

But today’s crowd get weirder and weirder, with some even identifying as a cat or a non-sexual identified person, but are more like a mannequin, rejecting the awesome way of the Lord God Almighty who created them.

A rejection of God, all out.