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A Scammer Tried To Get My Bank Information

blog orange raincoatToday I thought I had a job.  I’ve been looking to see if I can find something that better suits my skill level so that I can finally get out of what is now a low-paying, part-time job that I’m not happy with.  I’ve tried to stay to gain longevity with a company, but it’s hard to stay.

Today my job ad as a Christian blogger was answered by a guy calling himself “Travis Smith” who had a job where I would be posting ads for rental houses on Craigslist.  It sounded okay.  I should have known it wasn’t going to pan out, coming from an individual who replied to my Craigslist ad.  I would recommend that you don’t place a job ad or resume on Craigslist unless you are prepared to weed through the replies you get, where some of them are legit, but some will waste your time.

Today I began the job for Mr. Smith, who I had looked up online to make sure he looked legit.  I have tried to find his website that I looked at first, but it seems to be gone.  Now it appears there are more Travis Smith’s in the realty business, and they aren’t from the same state.  I must have seen one listing and thought it was the only one since I was in a hurry to answer his text messages, for which there were many while I was driving home from a job interview.  I kept having to pull over to answer them all.

It seemed legit and he was willing to pay me $250 per week, starting by posting ads as his personal assistant so I thought I’d start out and see what he had for me to do.  He said he was very busy and doing a lot of things so I would help.

His first ad was for a house for rent in Colorado Springs, and then the next one was in Fort Wayne, IN.  I posted those and he said, “nice work”.

He then texted me a code, “1801”, to be entered into his payment system for his employees.  He wanted to know where I do my banking, so I told him.  Usually there are papers for the employee to fill out where you put your bank account number and a voided check, but that is it.  He wanted to know all my login information, as well as my secret questions.

It was then that I knew he was a scammer and I told him so.  I then wrote Craigslist and filed a formal complaint against him and told them how it was done.  They have flagged his posts for rental homes I submitted to be removed.  I also reported his scam to the FBI, copying his text messages into my complaint form online as well as my emails, and the posts I had posted online at Criagslist.  I told them how it happened, dates and times.  I hope he gets in big trouble.

Protect yourself and your bank account information.  Don’t give it to anyone else.  This was a blatant scammer who took up a few hours of my time, and I don’t feel sorry for the guy.  But I will pray for his soul.

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