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Seattle Gay Pride Hideously On Display

Today I downloaded my photos I took while taking the bus to Seattle a few nights ago to work a job there doing security for an upscale clothing outlet.  The bus ride in was gorgeous, overlooking the water where sail boats were out in force catching the breeze.   It was 12 hours but the pay was most unusual; the guy paid me more just to take the bus there since parking would be “iffy” on Pine St. and 6th Ave. in downtown Seattle.  I thought, what the heck, I’ll take the job as long as he is willing to pay me so much.

seattle boats in bay

The pay would be a happy event, since as you know, I live in a van.  I’m not the most comfortable in my Dodge Grand Caravan but I am glad every day that I have it.  I know God gifted me with that because I did not plan on being able to trade in my old Toyota Corolla I had lived in for such a roomy van.

It has allowed me to be closer to the Lord Jesus Christ, because I have to be reliant on Him for everything.  I finally figured it out.  I can only benefit by learning to rely on and build my faith in trusting the Lord Jesus Christ.  As time goes by, I have become more comfortable in the van and have learned the ins and outs on how to live as a van dweller.  

I’m sure there’s more to learn in becoming a van dweller, but I want to talk about where I worked last night, and tonight, since I am working another overnight shift where I seem to have begun enjoying my time tonight, sitting in my van outside of an electronics store here in Marysville, WA while on my laptop and surfing the net.  I’m to watch the doors and perimeter of the building so they don’t have another break-in where they smashed in a window a few days ago.  What a mess, and I don’t understand how people can think they will get away with doing that.

pride cancer care alliance

I can thank God that I went to Seattle and learned how they celebrate Gay Pride everywhere, it seems.  Nordstom’s has a rainbow banner along the top of the glass door entryway; the Cancer Alliance has a huge rainbow banner that says “Pride” that you can see form the freeway, and several stores along the downtown area, it seems, has a gay pride rainbow flag hanging in the window.  I was surprised, and I thought about Sodom and Gomorrah in the bible, and how they were suddenly destroyed, with only a few believers who were led out by angels.

Did all this happen in the months since I had visited Seattle in the past, because I don’t remember so many gay pride flags around town.  Even the weekly free newspaper had a rainbow flag background on its cover.  What is going on?  I think it’s a backlash against President Trump.  The city must be showing it’s in unison against President Trump who is a Christian-supporter and who claims he is one, himself.  That’s good.  I dare say I voted for him, but please don’t hit me over my head with a bicycle lock and say you are tolerant and peaceful.  As we know, it’s becoming more dangerous to speak out and say what we feel, without becoming under physical and verbal attack by those on the other side, the liberals who may have the biggest reason to seek psychological intervention than any other group of people.

It’s a bit much, and I’m wondering how God must feel seeing all this.  I don’t have to ask, I know He is angry and sad for all the last souls who, I believe, would believe in Jesus Christ if they just knew the right information about Him and could feel His love put in their hearts.  I think just about everyone would rather feel that and know they have everlasting life with Him rather than try and survive going it alone while on earth, then finding themselves outside of God’s love once they died.

It’s a mistaken identity on God’s part; they do not know Him, but some angry version, or uncaring person in the sky who throws hail and brimstone down from the sky and threatens them with hell if they don’t walk with him.  How to bring Christ to them?  I am not a gay person so don’t know how I would respond if someone brought the gospel to me, in a loving, gentle way, and then let them know somewhere down the line that living a gay lifestyle is living in sin, that they should repent, seek God’s will and turn to his help for their answers.  God changes people’s hearts, not us.  I think I’ll trust Him.

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