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Starting A Page On Patreon: sleboeuf

Meadowdale Beach Park, Everett, WA. Photo by sleboeuf @

While watching YouTubes of some of the long-time creators there, I became interested in their referring their viewers to support them on Patreon.  I thought it sounded like an alternative to PayPal where viewers could support their work with whatever amount they wanted.  I was surprised at how much of an income some of the better known YouTuber’s were making, but they have been creating YouTube’s for years so have grown many thousands of subscribers.

Recently I went to Patreon and started my own page at  and am learning how you can offer “patrons” levels of memberships, such as $1 a month supporters, or higher.  There’s a whole cheat sheet with suggestions about what you can offer your patrons, if they send you a monthly donation.  It also runs on how many patrons you have where you don’t publish how much money you take in each month so you can keep that private if you wish.

I like photography, and in my early career I wanted to be a photojournalist, obtaining a journalism degree from California State University, Sacramento and then switching to studying Counseling Psychology where I earned a Master’s degree, and did some work toward a doctorate degree in Psychology.

Nature inspires and provides rest when I am out in it, so I am offering one or two nature photos I take myself in return for a $1 per month donation.  You will also receive a short, periodic content feed, for patrons only.  I will build as I go hoping “they will come”.

If you like what I do please go on over to the Patreon page I set up where for $1 per month you will provide support for my blogging and receive original photos I take every month and you can hear from me in your own, special patron content feed as I grow my business!  It’s something that I know you awesome, wonderful, special people out there want to do for your charitable donations in support of worthy causes to help spread Christian faith out there in our world for God!

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