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A Christian Based Media Company

A few days ago I was thinking about building a business that would be a Christian-based media content company and I could pay a few writers who would work with me to build a company we could leave to those on earth after the Rapture.  I feel the Rapture is coming soon, but nevertheless, I will be ready.

My point I am making that was brought to mind while I was reading a post here on WordPress was that I believe God is saying he wants more Christian content out there, so non-believers have more exposure to what God is all about and how we live as Christians.

When I grew up as an atheist there was no writing out there to show me what God was about.  I went to the library and read about Hinduism, or Yoga and other spiritual beliefs, not having a bible.  Do you ever wonder how people will find God if our speech and expression is so limited so that the only real way nonbelievers can get any exposure to our way of life and beliefs is by going to a library or a Christian bookstore and grabbing ahold of a bible?  When I went to the bible for the first time and held it in my hands, I had no idea where to start reading.  Genesis was too hard to read, and the number of pages and small print became too overwhelming for me to understand what God meant.

How to get a little snapshot and perhaps a place to start reading and to get some idea of who God is but by seeing Christian content of our thoughts and lives with the Lord Jesus Christ?

For me, I believe small pieces of Christian content would have eased me into a bible study.  It would not have been totally alienating to me that way.  I’m not sure but I just know I didn’t have a clue when I went to church those few times with friends who brought me with them.  I was scared and overwhelmed.  It was all a mysterious confusion I didn’t want to have to go through again.  I don’t want that to happen to others out there and so I think a Christian content media ministry would be a good goal to have.

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