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Getting Saved Through Jesus Christ: What Do You Have To Do To Become A Christian?

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I have felt that there are no directions, really, to help those who want to become Christians, and want to know what that is about.  

My experience has been that to become a Christian believer, a TV program, or online website, often has the person repeat a short prayer, asking Jesus to come into their hearts, that they acknowledge they are sinners, and to give their lives to Christ.  Saying this does nothing, not really, when a person does not understand what they are saying and what it meant by the words they are saying to Jesus.

To help them understand, I created a video with a short summary of what it is to become a Christian, what do you say to Christ and the whys.

Here’s the video link:  Getting Saved Through Jesus Christ

I have supported what I’ve said with scriptures and have made a copy of what I’m saying in a document for download.

Download text with scripture here:  Becoming Saved through Jesus Christ

I hope in the event that you have not been raptured and miss leaving this earth to escape the tribulation period, that you will still give your life to Christ to avoid eternal punishment.  It is real, folks, and someone might need this to make the rapture, or who may miss the rapture, but still want to come to Christ.  It is too big a choice to not make and I’m hoping you will understand that this is the saving grace that will either put you with Christ in heaven, and to live with Him through eternity, or will put you in hell, eternal punishment, for not believing, and not turning from your sin.

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