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Van Dwelling: In God’s Hands

A few days ago I began a part-time job in Bellevue, Washington, for a temporary staffing agency as an office manager.  I was very happy to get this three-month assignment so that I could give up working overnights for a security company I had been working for for about the past two years.  Security is not my training or usual occupation, it’s just a permanent job, if you can call it that.  I’ve been very unhappy with the odd shifts thrown me now that I’ve been taken off a 40-hour per week job site and put on an old mill far up north in Mt. Vernon.  I only get eight hours on that job so taking a new, part-time job working in a nice software company’s office is good news for me.  I can still keep the one shift working overnight up north in case I want to come back to security work while seeking a more permanent job, when I am through working for this software company.

A park in Kirkland, WA. Photo: sleboeuf @ christianview.blog

I realize that I have become accostumed to living within my means, now that I have  a van dweller.  I’ve lived in vehicles for over four months, and it’s an up and down life with many benefits, however it’s a cramped lifestyle and many things make it inconvenient to live this way.  However I’m glad God has found a way to make it more comfortable for me since I am paying the bills without overdraft notices and living within my means.  This relieves a lot of stress for me since my income has been up and down for several years since moving away from California where I was a mental health worker, a clinician to be exact.  It makes a difference because I could diagnose people, and at one job I had to diagnose and then do what’s known in California as a “5150”, an involuntary three-day hold in a psychiatric hospital.

I would locate the hospital for the patient and make sure they got there okay after spending time diagnosing them, working with them to see what needs they needed help getting once they were in a mental health venue for the next three days, or more, depending on their mental health after a three day hold.  I was proud of my job, thinking I would help people stay safe, also protecting the community I lived and worked in from anyone who had violent tendancies.  I was doing my job and found it to be interesting.  But then I was disturbed to find out that everything my life had come to be about was falling apart, and I suddenly had to leave California.  I never went back to working as a mental health clinician or teaching at a university after that.  It has been a long and winding road with many obstacles along the way, yet I am glad to be where I am.

My life has taken many twists and turns when I expected  having a successful life.  I did not know God then, but had only a peripheral view of Him, in my Al Anon 12-step meetings.  We had a higher power but it could not be God; it was whatever we wanted “god” to be and was not the One True God known as Jesus Christ.  He has helped me understand how to live in my vehicle(s) and be happy at the same time.  I have the joy of the Lord in my heart every day and I know I am in a better place.  Once I go to heaven I’ll meet my Lord and Savior having my glorified body, and meet him in the air sometime soon, I hope.

I am a child of God, and proud of it.

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