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The Gospel Mission

This morning I was at work up north, as they say here in Washington state, where they needed a guard to watch the grounds in the event of there being a trespasser, or if a siren went off in one of the areas of the mill.  The mill is located in Mount Vernon where I work the overnight shift on Saturday nights.  

It’s not that I want to, I have to.  It’s income, you know.  

Now that I stay in Kirkland, over an hour’s drive south, it is a pain to leave work at 6:00 AM and stay awake to drive that far first thing in the morning.

I decided to stop at the rest stop in Arlington where I used the restroom after having driven aways, changed clothes out of my security uniform, and “regrouped”.  How would I spend my day today?

I decided to have lunch with the homeless at a shelter in Everett, called Everett Gospel Mission where the men stay, and I was greatly outnumbered.  I had called in advance to make sure a woman could come in for lunch and was told “yes”, and to “park anywhere around the building, come in through the front door” and that they start lunch at 12:15 PM.

When I got in I saw a bunch of tables in a big room, they were round and several of them had what looked like homeless men lying their heads down on the tables as if they were very tired.

I heard one man say, “I’m hungry!”, and I felt sad for the men who had no one to talk to, and mininster to them, giving them hope and strength of the Lord.  I know the women’s shelter associated with the Gospel Mission in Everett is some miles away, in a city called Monroe which may be too far for me to drive every week, but it tore my heart out to see the men, a few in wheelchairs, sitting at tables waiting for their lunch, and having nowhere to go but on the sidewalks outside, going nowhere.

How have you dealt with seeing the homeless out on the street?

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