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Musing About The Revelation 12 Sign And My Future

hands-2168901_640There’s something about having been a mental health counselor and wanting to know you’re all right.  “You’re”, meaning yourself, you’re okay mentally, yourself.

What a funny test of character, to know I’m here eating at a homeless kitchen, located at Overlake Church where Joyce Meyers was a speaker a few months ago, here in Redmond, Washington.  I almost typed California.  I must not be doing well.  They have a safe parking car camp here, but it’s only for men.

Tonight they’re having a community meal, and I busted the budget a few weeks ago when I had to buy clothes, shoes, get a hair cut and my nails done to start a job where I am office manager in a software company near here.  I didn’t have enough to buy groceries, and without a kitchen and refrigerator, I have to buy things that are unperishable, or find something to eat where I can store leftovers maybe overnight.  It’s a tough road to hoe, as they say, when you don’t have a refrigerator, oven, stove, bathroom and shower, closet space, office and a desk, all the comforts of home.  I realized I have to drive to get anything I need, leaving me disoriented, unconnected and unable to really focus very well.

While starting a new job all this upset and disconnection of my personal life leaves me frustrated, however I know my God is still watching over me.  After years of upset and aimless wandering, I finally discovered God is real.  I’m very thankful He has been coming to my aid.

I am slowly being released from the devil’s attacks on my life; I was long held captive in a horrible state of mind after leaving California.  It wasn’t that good while I was there.  I never could understand the targeting that went on; why I was being stalked so many times.  Now I know the devil likes to invade a person’s life if they come to Christ but they can’t hang on sufficiently by themself when no one is available to mentor them.  I think it’s so important that we are available and encouraging that people contact us, or we reach out to them regularly to see what they’ve read in the bible and maybe give them some bible reading to do and then check up on them later.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. – 1 Peter 5:8

I’ve wanted to do a prayer group; get some people on a conference call, or maybe a Skype call.  Introduce people to the bible, and share bible readings with them.  I believe people are strengthened this way and have a better understanding of who God is instead of letting satan mess with their minds, pretending he is god being mad at them.  We can’t let new believers think these things about the Lord Jesus Christ who would welcome them with open arms and not punish them.  People can get confused at first.  I did.  I had to go it alone yet I knew that the Holy Spirit would guide me, reach me, and bring me back to the love of Christ.

My heart gets lifted when I think about Him, how Jesus died on the cross for me and that I’m never alone.  He is my friend for life, strengthening and encouraging me to carry on.  “You can do it, Suzanne” is what I think he says to my heart and mind, to keep going.  It gets better soon.  I wonder what God has for me in my future.  Will I always live this way?

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” – Genesis 28:15

Many believe that we may go through the rapture soon because of the Revelation 12 constellation that is to be found in the sky September 23rd; others have said that Revelation 12 is about Israel, not the rapture.  Either way it’s an amazing sign up in the heavens.  It has given me pause for thought.  If I were raptured as early as September 2017, what would I want to do in life for my last few months on earth?  It makes priorities all the more important.

What have you done to plan for your future in heaven, so that you have made every attempt to make life right, here on earth, first?  

9 thoughts on “Musing About The Revelation 12 Sign And My Future

  1. Hello Suzanne.
    I just listened to your first youtube video. I sent you a small paypal gift.
    I’d be happy to skype sometime with you, I’m a new Christian.
    God bless you, I hope you can get to Texas, one of my Christian mentors is aiming to get back there too, from China.


    1. Hello glosoli, nice to meet you and thank you for your message, and gift! How generous of you! I’d like to skype and can be found at ruthie.free on skype!
      Let’s talk soon.


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