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Wounds Of War: Are They Memorex Or Are They Real?

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Somehow I came upon a post on the Christian News Alerts site that said actress Gwyneth Paltrow complained that “mean tweets” was like war combat where democrats and liberals again seem to think their words define anything, in this case, what it’s like to face combat as a soldier of war.  Laughable, how a tweet could be the same thing as fighting in a war with explosives ripping the limbs off of people’s bodies, killing them or being shot at by sniper fire.  Heavens, how could she know what it’s like?  She doesn’t have a scar on her face nor has she shared any horrific trauma she has suffered somewhere in her sheltered, pampered life.

 I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me: – Isaiah 45:5

Spouting words at us as if to say we are all followers of liberal ideals, as I suppose she is, being she’s a Hollywood actress (knowing, of course, that a few are Christians), does not mean we are mindless and following what they the world is, and should be like.  More of us Christians should speak up about this, the takeover of our American heritage, our Christian values and Christian belief.  We are God’s children, but many are still out there living in their own land of make-believe, with make-believe gods and worshipping themselves.

Gwyneth Paltrow Provokes Green Beret, Immediately Regrets It

As a Christian, I am concerned that so many people have not heard the Word of God and do not have a chance of really knowing Him unless the Word of God is spread throughout the world.  That includes Hollywood, even though they seem to be in their own world out there…

I mean, how are they to know God, the Lord Jesus Christ, without the Word of God to inform them?  It still bothers me, how many people in my own life that I have known who are not believers and there’s a chance they never will be.  One can always hope but I am bothered at how I was saved, yet so many others haven’t been saved, yet.  I want them to know God and let Him walk with them in their ways to show them the way of Life; His Life, not Hollywoods and their drama queens, in drag or outside of drag, but what kinds of people and lives are Hollywood actors exposed to in their daily lives?   Would they be Christians sharing the love of Christ?  Doubtfully.

There is a whole world of people who do not know Christ, yet we who are saved, who know we are saved without a doubt, are keeping this precious Savior to ourselves and the fact that He gives Life to the soulless and direction for our lives.  Without His strength I’d be dead.  In more ways than one; physically and soulfully yet I have a chance at life for the rest of eternity by knowing God and calling upon the name of Jesus; Yeshua Hamaschiach, who is Jesus the Messiah, for the Jewish people.

I think God knows the pain I feel when I think of those who do not have Christ as the center of their lives and who may remain non-believers who face eternity without Him; they remain dead souls who will face eternity in judgment, and do not have to.  

I think there has been far more in the movies about action heros than there are about Christ.  He is worthy of our attention and worship; we ought to be learning that our Creator is a good God, the one and only God who gets portrayed in Hollywood and the media far too little.  Like losing our country’s identity to the liberal media, we seem to be losing the truth about Jesus’ love for people, and wanting to save them from hell.  

I hope the poeple like Gwenyth Paltrow gets a better reality she can trust and rely on, and that is found in Jesus Christ, not in her cups of latte and looking in mirrors all day.

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