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Sailboat Photo Taken At The Right Time

Snapshot 1 (7-18-2017 8-50 PM)As I was out and about today in Everett, Washington, I had to try out my new camcorder that I bought with donations from my blogging for the first time.  In my van somewhere, is the User Manual for the camcorder.  It is a Kingear, and I had to fly blind, as they say, and literally today in the sun.

As I tried to point the camcorder out onto the water and take video of a small boat directly in front of me on the water, I could not see what the viewer was capturing on the screen, nor could I see if the little red dot was flashing to let me know it was videotaping. I could not figure out how to take a picture, either, so I was blind, blind, blind.
Snapshot 1 (7-18-2017 8-01 PM)

After a few minutes I decided I’d walk back to my van and drive somewhere where I could park away from the sunshine to look at the video, but I could not figure out how to replay it in the camcorder.  Frustrated, I took the SanDisk out and popped it into the side of my laptop,  hoping something was saved that I could view, and show around, like a trophy.

You can watch the YouTube video on my channel.

The laptop did show I had captured video.  One segment showed several seconds of a sailboat that popped briefly into view.  I just happened to turn from walking away and saw the sailboat, filmed it with my camcorder, at least I thought I had, and hoped I got it on film because I just couldn’t see with the bright sun directly in my eyes.  It seems as though God wanted me to capture that little sailboat, with my turning right at the right time to see it starting across the water between the buildings, and I was able to click something on the camcorder and film it, not sure it was filming.  Boy, was I lucky or was God holding my hand right then?

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