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God Is A Wonderous God

driving to Kirkland library christianviewToday while driving home, or rather, to the library near the car camp where I park every night in Kirkland, Washington, I decided to shoot some video.  Since I drive so much, being a van dweller, videotaping would make the drive more productive and add interest to my site.  It’s a new area that I drive in with my new part-time job as a temp Office Administrator and driving in new neighborhoods is especially fun.  Taping it makes it funner.

Driving to the Kirkland Washington library

While editing the video at this little table I’m sitting at, at the library, makes me feel like I want to rent a studio; just a little room somewhere where I can lean back in my chair and talk if I want to, without anyone walking by to look at what I’m doing.  I like my privacy and listening to people, including children, talk during creating a video and blog post seems disturbing and it is all too public.

I work the weekend, and this will add to the budget.  Have you ever wondered how you will get to where you want to go without the funds needed to get there?  

I think of these things often, how I will survive long enough to build that media empire – well, maybe a media company – of what size I do not know, and keep the dream alive until God calls me home.  After much prayer about this and discussing these ideas with God, I’m not sure what He has in mind for my life.  I know the rapture may come soon, but here we are having to live life to its fullest as best as we can, walking with God holding our hands and trying not to whine about what I want to have and what I can’t get right now.

Heaven will be much better and I know it’s worth the wait.  In the meanwhile I hope to carry the message of the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart every day and I hope and pray that more people will come to Christ that I see on my daily drives to work.  How must they feel knowing they are alone in life, working on dreams and goals, facing hardship at leasts some of the time I am sure, but hoisting the weight of these desires on their shoulders and aimlessly flailing around trying to fulfill some worldly goals without help from the Lord Jesus Christ?

Today I noticed again, a time when I would have felt so out of place, exposed, and even uncomfortable with people around me at the gym who seem to want to make eye contact and stare a little too long while I’m busy doing something else.  It’s very distracting but I notice that at times I feel God has surrounded me with a wall that protects me and neutralizes these stares so that they do not bother me.  I am amazed at His love and how He protects us if we but ask.  I wanted to write about this new development because it’s making it easy for me to walk through things that do not seem to effect me the same way as they used to.  For that I am glad, and I give thanks to Him, for He helps me in ways that I need help.

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. – Isaiah 41:10 (KJV)

As I plan for my future, each day seems to bring joy and happiness because I know the Lord and He is my savior.

It seems He has helped plan my days each day since I start out in the morning and end the day on a high note with His guiding me.  Many problems get solved in my day from learning from God, or His ministering angels, how I should handle each situation.  If I need to plan how to get more exercise in my day He helps me walk through this, beginning with something easy since I am discombobulated and no longer live in a familiar area.  It’s hard to find my way around when I have to find new stores, laundromats, YMCA’s, and other things I normally do each day.  And every day is a new day in that it’s getting easier and funner.  I find my health has improved, I have more energy than I had six months ago, and I actually have some time to read the bible every day like I did when I lived up in Everett, Washington, when I knew my way around.

It’s hard living as a van dweller, space is cramped and I miss having a desk to hold a computer and I like showering at home, but it’s okay now that I know God is leading me.  I feel protected and in His Wonderful Hands.

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