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Family Birth Order: We Should Not Be Catagorized This Way

flowersHere’s another audio tape I recorded after I thought about birth order patterns while I was driving and it seemed so important to my thinking about how satan hurts us in families that I recorded it.

Audio: Thoughts About Dysfunctional Birth Order Identity

As a former member of Al-Anon, an offshoot called “Adult Children Of Alcoholics” where a parent was an alcoholic that caused families to become “dysfuntional”.

There is a whole theory about birth orders of children and they are given names according to the order of their birth.  In this theory, the first born is the “Hero”, the second born is the “Scapegoat”, the third born is the “Lost Child” (this was my birth order), and the fourth child born is known as the “Mascot”.  Each child is given a certain set of characteristics about how they relate to people.  20150421_194247

My point in this is that if satan has a role in creating this theory, it makes us easy to manipulate, since we become like labelled identities, put into similar roles according to our birth order.  This must make it easy for satan to harm us; if we are so alike in dysfuntional ways that are catagorized, satan knows how we will react, he knows how to control us better, I think.

However, if we have strength being in Christ, we don’t have to go into these roles; He shows us the steps to take, we learn appropriate ways to react that work for us, and we are not so similar in how we relate to people.  We have the identity God gave us and can perform how He made us to perform.  Satan does not have a role with us the way he does when we are unbelievers.  I would rather be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ any day and be the person He made me to be.


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