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Inspiring Message For You

pink flowersI was driving home one night last week and I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude in my heart for the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was at night and I grabbed my microphone I keep handy in my car for times such as this when I feel moved to record something to either keep, and remind myself later to do, or I have something overpowering I need to say and record it.

This was no different, and grabbing my hand-held tape recorder with a microphone that is easy to speak into, I did record something that became words, and more words, growing into a profound few seconds that I cherish.  I knew it had to be from God.  It was a profound sentence to me that hit me at a time that I needed to know God was real, and who was with me that night, a special message to me that gave me inspiration traveling as a Christian through life.  

A life of living far from home, with no one that I really knew, who might care about me living in a van, driving at night to get somewhere who might have an accident, or the car might break down, or anything could happen to me.

Here is it below, click the link, and may you find some inspiration in the short recording of the words I had been given that needed to be expressed to others.  



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