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May Diamond and Silk Prosper: YouTube Censorship

I’ve been hearing about how YouTuber’s are getting demonitized, where YouTube decides what advertising will be used on their platform.  As Diamond and Silk have reported, their revenue has sharply dropped because YouTube said that their content is “not appropriate for all advertisers”, or something along those lines.  Diamond and Silk point out that since they built their channel with the huge numbers of people who view their YouTube’s, it is due to their efforts that they built that following.  And they are right.

YouTube has decided for the advertisers, what advertisers will be able to advertise on Diamond and Silk’s site, as well as other conservative sites.  YouTube does not allow advertisers to decide whether they want their ads placed on someone’s YouTube site.  In this way YouTube will lose advertisers because advertisers will loose all those followers of Diamond and Silk that are potential customers.  YouTube is shooting themselves in the foot with their foolishness.  How does YouTube even know if the advertisers will oppose their ads being shown on Diamond and Silk’s YouTube channel?

Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. ~ 2 Timothy 3:12

It seems that YouTube has joined the censorship club, turning their “free speech” sites into political arms of the left.  They are not allowing “free speech” at all.  They support the Democratic Party and are now political weapons, used against conservatives.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. ~ Matthew 23:12

This makes me wonder what kind of business they are registered as?  What are their articles of incorporation?  What do they say?  If they are registered as a business to be a free and open platform supporting “free speech”, then they cannot censor YouTuber’s like Diamond and Silk.  They are actually causing YouTuber’s harm who made an income from providing their YouTube’s, building audiences and channels that advertisers can reach huge numbers from.

This seems to be a multi-faceted wrong that YouTube is perpetrating upon innocent YouTuber’s.  Our rights, (as I am also on YouTube and other sites being censored), are being infringed upon.  Viewers are being censored by not getting the content that YouTuber’s create.  Advertisors are being censored by not having as many sites to advertise on when YouTube’s are being taken down, by YouTube’s censorship.  I do hope some of these YouTuber’s will get together with attorneys and bring a class-action lawsuit against YouTube, and Facebook, Twitter and others I’ve heard about.  

6 thoughts on “May Diamond and Silk Prosper: YouTube Censorship

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