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Angels In His Service

God's coming whenDoes God talk to you through angels? Or does He allow demons to speak to us in the spiritual realm?  If I pray to be guided, I assume that the supernatural “voices” I hear are those of a spirit, most probably the Lord Jesus Christ’s, assisting us and ministering to us, right?

Oddly, there was a recruiter setting me up for a possible job only I liked another recruiter better who has set me up for an interview tomorrow afternoon. Instead of telling the recruiter, “no, I wasn’t interested”, because she was nice enough and I got far enough along in the conversation that I couldn’t see telling her I wasn’t interested, all of a sudden, I heard a voice in my spirit telling me, “it’s okay, continue on, you’ll be okay”, while I spoke to her on the phone. I was perceiving this message to mean that this wasn’t the job I should go for, for some reason.

The recruiter called me back today a few hours later and said she made a mistake, the job was in Seattle, which has too much traffic to drive into and I don’t want Seattle and told her so in our conversation. She thought it was a job near me on the “East Side” of Seattle, which is a business district, the location being on the east side of Lake Washington, with Seattle being at the southern tip. It’s a nightmare driving into Seattle during commuter times, almost like the Golden Gate or Bay Bridge’s going to San Francisco! So we decided the job wouldn’t work for me. The spiritual voice had let me know that this wasn’t the job for me, and it didn’t work out. Was it an angel? a demon? I get these, where spiritually, they do not oppress me.  They must be the angels, then.  A ministering guide who takes care of me so that I understand where I’m going once I leave this earth and, as one of His elect, how I will walk this earth, while I am here.

From this I can say that I honestly believe the Father will give us what we ask, as long as he is satisfied we are asking in a pure heart, and of course, that we ask in his Son’s name, that of Jesus Christ.  I ask that I be given a job that I can sustain myself with as far as the income that I need, and from here on out I will continue to believe that.  He will, as long as I remain in His kingdom, and stay focused on that.  Here’s a verse about how angels protect us and may be answering our prayers in a manner that we can hear them.

Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation? ~ Hebrews 1:14

In his 1976 sermon, “Angels: God’s Invisible Army, Part 3“, John MacArthur said that, “God’s angels are ministering to the physical care and protection and guidance of God’s children”.  He goes on, “… there are four categories of ministry for angels.  They minister to God, they minister to Christ, they minister to the believer, and they minister to the unbeliever.  Those are the four categories in which angels minister.”  I felt a swelling in my heart as I wrote this and felt tears beginning to well up in my eyes.

It’s a supernatural gift to feel this, about the angels and God’s Kingdom, really.  Who would know how mysterious He is and what He wants for our lives?

Maybe angels don’t know, exactly, what our life’s plan with God is, maybe they know and don’t tell us.  I would certainly like to know what my life’s plan is that God wants for my life.  I feel a slight guidance and an angel is, I presume, whispering this fantastic revelation in my ear.  I have another one that battles the first one, and tells me some disturbing thoughts that he wants me to become fearful of.

Oh how magnificantly we hear things from God; his angels and the demons that are to be kicked out of the world and chained up for a time, finally being destroyed completely while we move on for eternity.  In His Kingdom.  You and me, hopefully, and I can say I am truly angry that I don’t have enough time to go further into details in my life that have caused me to really believe in angels; the good ones, because I already have believed in the bad ones; it’s just that I didn’t know what to call it then, the things I have suffered with them in the past.  They are whirling around me but cannot be let in, not the way that they were.  

It’s a fantastical life we have on God’s earth, demons and all.  We are headed for some truly magnificant experiences for all eternity!

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