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It Was A Bad Employer – Part 2

As I wrote on my blog Wednesday, “Seeking A New Job: It Was A Bad Employer“, I had worked approximately for two months in an office for an employer who had a bad attitude toward me after discovering, through my calling the agency trying to pay a bill they owed, that not only did they owe $351.00, but they actually had over $42,000.00 in outstanding debt to the company!  Not only where they surprised, but the company had allowed that to happen by not invoicing them more often, even urgently, letting them get away with it!

Was the law office related to the office where I worked?  The office where I worked was run by what seemed like a family from out of the United States.  They were a software company in Bellevue, WA, which I won’t give the name of, in order that they have privacy and in case I get sued for telling the name of the company!  But they have offices in different companies and in the U.S., and are not a well-run company, what with owing so much money to one creditor.  It may have been some relation to the company to let that debt get so large, because members of the company I worked for had a CPA (accounting) certification, or other professional certifications that I may not know about.  Maybe the attorney(s) was a group of friends, or were involved in business in some manner that they were not wanting to create problems in the company.

They may have been board members, or doing favors for the company I worked in, in exchange for their legal services.  Software is used by any company out there, so maybe a software company did favors for this attorney’s office, and would protect the software company in some manner by not forcing them to pay up.  After all, attorneys would have the resources to sue the company, but they did not, apparently.  The bills had gone back to November 2016.

The end to my story after leaving is that while I was on the phone with another staffing company who had assigned me to work two days next week for them in an office, I was put on hold by the staffing agency receptionist who had to get the information pertaining to the company address they were sending me to.  He put me on hold, and another guy came on the phone asking if I were this person, the name which I will not repeat, but it’s unusual enough to know that no one else has that name.  When he questioned whether I were this person with the highly unusual foreign-sounding name, I said no, and I gave him my name, after which he placed me back on hold.

I say this because it is humorous to know that the man who had given me such a hard time was busy calling yet another temporary agency, not the one I came through when he hired me, to find a replacement for me.  And I knew, I found out.

How odd this is.  It makes me think that God is in the mix.

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