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Van Dweller Dreams Of A Good Job

Snapshot 1 (7-18-2017 8-01 PM)It’s been a muggy, warm day today, and living in a van does not help me stay cool.  I slept in a park parking lot in the back of my van, absolutely melting.  What a life.  Even with a little battery-operated fan, I look forward to when the YMCA opens tomorrow so that I can get a shower, possibly before my temporary job assignment tomorrow starting at 8:00 am.

It’s been so hot with sweat running down my face that I did not take the time to update the “Newsflash” page.  I only want a shower and to sit and rest in an air conditioned space.

I am praying to find financial independence, but I’ve looked for homeless resources in my area today.  I can’t imagine going to a shelter in Seattle.  I’m sure they are crowded and I don’t do well if I am crammed in with shelter types.  I am someone who likes privacy and personal space, quiet and solitutude.  

Yesterday I struggled with my life being the way God provides: being homeless, without work, waiting on things; it feels like my life has stopped.  I’m having a hard day.  I think about Christians who are living in homes, have income, and wonder why I seem to be the only person on earth who does not have these things.  Me, a genteel, educated Christian woman who is able to work, intelligent, wanting to be financially independent, and everything is so hard.  I have struggled to find a long-term, sustainable job that meets my skill-level, interests, and is what I believe I am cut out to do.  Not everyone is cut out to be a carpenter, police officer or successful musician.  I feel my strengths lie in writing, listening and educating, mostly and I have thought about starting a business in writing, but that is a slow way to earn income.

Than it occurred to me that with all the homelessness of people in Texas now after hurricane Harvey, myself and other homeless people, I wondered how challenging it would be do open a homeless shelter where Christian services were offered?  One of my best memories of being in the midwest was when I sat in chapel services before eating a meal offered by the local Christian shelter which was very well run.  The men and the women were kept separate; in separate chapel services unless they held it in their auditorium, with the women in the back rows, still separate from the men.  They allowed no problems there and everyone was well-mannered.  They ran on private donations and had a used clothing closet where you could go in and “shop” for clothes every month.  They served the public this way and had programs that would help people get jobs, and get into long-term housing.  I wondered at this and how that could be started somewhere.  There are enough people who could use this help, including me.

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