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A Job I Will Accept And The Socialization By Uncomfortable Frequentors Of A Park

It has been a rewarding week so far with my work life.  I had hopes that I would find a job I like, and it seems that God has blessed me with such a job.  

I was offered the job at a medical pharmaceutical company at the corporate site not too far from where I live, which houses many interesting departments that support people who are being treated with intravenous infusions in the arm.  Patients come into our office building to receive their medical infusions, or nurse’s will go out to their homes to provide medical infustion treatments.  It’s all very fascinating, with a lab where they blend the medicine, and feed it into the infusion tubes.

As part of my job, I have to get the pharmacy assistant certification, which is required for my job, in order that I keep patient’s and their information confidential, is what I was told, so today I’ve been working on how to pay the $25 fee to take the AIDS course that is required to get the pharmacy assistant certification.  I may ask an agency tomorrow when I go in if they would cover the cost, because I have been living in a car for six months and have had no reliable income for some months.

As I was walking in the park one evening last week, I thought about how I’ve observed several “regulars” who hang out at the park, and some seem to want more of a connection than I am comfortable with.  I’ve got observational skills that many people may not appreciate but I find that these troubling encounters with people have happened to me on many occasions.  Here’s some of those audio recordings: 

 People who frequent the park I go to – part 1

 People who frequent the park I go to – part 2

 Unwanted attention by strangers

I know my situation has gotten better over time; the Lord is faithful, and is working to save me from the demons of my past.  I have had to juggle not knowing where I will work with the realities of having to live in public places where there is no privacy of living, sleeping, performing daily activities in a house, where I am out of the sight of anyone who may need company.  Being available by being in my van or walking around a park leaves me feeling too exposed to just anyone who seems to want to have viewing access, at least, to me.  It is bothersome.  We all need privacy, peace and quiet under our own control, in our own domains.  We are not meant to live outside all day and night, in a vehicle, where we are more vulnerable to whoever walks by.

Hear my prayer, O LORD, give ear to my supplications: in thy faithfulness answer me, and in thy righteousness. ~ Psalm 143:1

Car camping and van dwelling are both how I have had to live these past six months, and I’m praying to God that this will come to an end in the near future.  Maybe with a job that I hopefully can keep over time, will provide a stable income, so that I may work on a sustainable income and lifestyle, and get indoors where these park patrons won’t have such access to watch me, or check me out, as they say.

I feel that He is guiding me to self-sufficiency and I am hopeful that He will get me to that point quickly so I don’t have to stay in a van for too much longer.  I realize things take time and I have felt the comfort of the Holy Spirit overtake me so that I am so incredibly grateful that God has chosen me, and I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have to remember that; things take time and I have a greater, eternal, reward coming to me.  And that, I have to wait for.

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