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Sophia’s Day Center: Serving Homeless Women And One Man Who Identifies As A Woman

Today I learned about local resources that will help me with laundry, meals and showers that is 12 minutes away from the car camp.  As many of you know, I’ve been struggling to find a job to become self-sufficient, and learn more about God.

I  want to share my experience today with you about what I found at Sophia’s Day Center in Bellevue.  It is associated with a women’s shelter, and provide’ s homeless women with a place they can come to every day.  I made this tape recording about it:

About Sophia’s Day Center, Bellevue, Washington. 

It seems that they allow men who identify as women to live there, by the way a man sat at a table with a few women with a very low, definitely man’s voice and he did not look like a woman, in the least.  He was about 6 feet tall, maybe 300 pounds, he was big, wearing camouflage pants, shirt, ball cap, and looked very male.  No cross dresser there!  Just all guy!  A big guy at that!

Being a Christian I know he is wrong, trying to pose as a woman, (NOT!), but how do I say anything when I need food to eat?  It’s a bargain with the devil, to not say anything because I need the help and the resources they offer, and I know the place is associated with a Lutheran Church that has sunk in its morals, doing “good” in society, being they are “Social Justice Warriors” and all, but hey, I have this blog to speak out on, and so I can still let the social justice warriors at least help me get on my feet and then love them by teaching them the way while there’s still time.

What would Jesus do? I’d say he’d preach about these things, but I’m not Him.


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