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False Teaching Hurts New Christians

Some comments I received on Facebook inspired me to voice my gripes about how false teaching misleads new believers in Christ, and I didn’t know at the time how it was wrong.  I didn’t know the damage it could cause a person and I believe I suffered for a longer time because of false teaching.

I sought God in a sincere way and just assumed that people teaching the classes I joined online, or through a website, knew more than me, and so I gave them the authority to teach me in ways that I know are wrong now.  How many more people are being misled by people who teach falsely, and start schools, making money online from the new students they lure into those “magical healing” or demonic warfare courses where they claim to cast out all demons?  My fear is that these will weaken a new Christian and open doors to their accepting the teachings that will call upon and give permission to the demons that would love nothing better than to pray upon, and destroy, a new Christian?  A new Christian who doesn’t know the way to Christ, who does not know who He is, has not had enough time to begin a relationship, knowing who Christ is?

We need to know Christ who died for us on the cross, in place of our sins being used to destroy us after we die; leaving us in a place for eternity that will decide whether we live for eternity on the dark side and suffer, or with Christ on the bright side, the side of eternal loving life, to worship Him and live in peace?

Which side do you want to be on?  Life for eternity with Christ our Savior, or with the devil and his demons, because those are the two choices we have, the two places a person will reside for eternity.

Make the choice now!

 Hear me discuss my gripe about false teaching and how I was raised as an atheist.


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