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Today’s Spirit Madness Disguised As “Spirituality”

mandala-1907298_640It struck me today while reading Act’s Chapter 8, about Simon the Magician who amazed the Samaritans by his magical practices.  He said he was a great person, a person who felt prideful and greater than many, I suppose, because in the bible it says that people referred his powers to be divine from God.

Simon was a great magician and fooled many.  He even appeared, on the outside, to be a believer in Christ, because he associated so much with Philip, a disciple that went to Samaria to proclaim Christ, after Stephen, being a true follower of Christ, was stoned to death.  Simon was a fool, feeling that he would gain more magical powers, in my opinion, if he pretended to also be a follower of Christ, so that he could stay in contact with the new converts that believed, due to the teachings of Philip.  He undoubtedly wanted to be able to perform miracles that Philip did, calling out demons and healing people, and performing more magical tricks, needing to impress people.  Simon wanted power to effect people, to have a following, to possibly garner the worship of the people he reached, much like Satan, who, pridefully, wanted to be like God.  Isn’t that why people want to perform magical tricks with spiritual advisors, today?  They want a following.  They want worship, and they want power.

People can sell you anything if they have the power to garner your money; they will see into the future for you and tell you all kinds of spectacular things, entertaining you, and making you feel special, as if they are anointed by God Himself.

Ye shall not go after other gods, of the gods of the people which are round about you; ~ Deuteronomy 6:14

Simon is said to be one of the founders of Gnosticism, a heretical belief in a “higher knowledge” of God, held by a select few.  It says that all matter is bad and all spirit is good, which is a dangerous belief.  We know that the spiritual realm is full of bad angels, fallen from heaven, no longer acceptable by the Lord Jesus Christ, for example, and knowing God will lead one to have this belief.  Not knowing God may cause one to think they have a special knowledge of God, and my guess is that bad angels may trick people into seeming to have a special knowledge, just for them, of a god that presents themselves as counterfeits of the real God.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. ~ Exodus 20:3

Simon garnered a lot of attention by his practice, and people may have seen him as a god, which reminds me of people today in all walks of life, beliefs and practices who elevate themselves by trying to hold the same, magical powers to impress people, much like Simon did in his day.  Seeking to impress people by magical powers is common in the occult, astrological readings, man-made religions and non-Christian man-created faiths, and superstitious beliefs around the world.  

My interest in this is because of such faiths, false religions and black magic practices that I, myself, was drawn into many years ago.  It was the fad, trendy and acceptable by many who wanted to believe in spirits, to believe they had special powers who would deny Christ, but have the same spiritual powers He did, and has, today.  My interest in this began when I felt alone, confused by life and left-out, not finding the answers that I had about life and death, such as what happens after you die.  I did not want to die and so I had the belief that somehow I could overcome death or live for a very long time if I practiced some religion such as Buddhism, Hinduism or started reading palms to seek my destiny.  

Today there are people who are studying Chakras, for reasons of prolonging their lives and making themselves accessible to a higher realm of spiritual-consciousness.  They do not know the damage they are causing themselves, nor what spiritual realm they are entering into.  One day they will find themselves being judged by God Almighty who sits on the Throne, and will want to know if they can go to heaven.  They will be told no, in no uncertain terms, because they have rejected the Christ who died for them so that they would be forgiven, for their sin which we are all born into; if only they know.  However instead, they have chosen to continue worshiping their magic practices in hopes of gaining the divine.

Foolish people, come to Christ!

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