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Mobbing To Impose Your Will: A Threat On Human Life

Screenshot: FOX News, “Tucker vs Antifa supporter: Are you really a professor?” Published on Sep 15, 2017

In my viewing other people’s media pages, I came across a video of a well-known, well-respected media commentator who is on television, who interviewed a college professor who claimed to support ANTIFA.  This professor said that he was in support of striking back at those whose views he did not support or think were acceptable for the public, such as white supremacists.  As you know, college campuses have been a place where differing views were presented in the past, but these “institutions of higher learning” have become the political arm of the left.

These “anti-facists” have become the fascists.  They are no longer able to claim that they want all-American open dialogue.  They say they are defending their right to be a leftist moral, and political, creature, and if the rest of us don’t agree with it, they have the right to go on the attack and physically harm us, for fear that we will have the right to vote for our way of life which may oppose theirs.

Take marriage for example.  Leftists wanted gay marriage, to use the word “marriage” to define their gay relationships.  They were the rebels wanting to tear down the fabric of society, the biblical teachings that marriage was one man and one woman in a relationship, for the purpose of being with the one you loved and to often, create a family.  That is why men were created men and women were created women, and our biological DNA is different for a specific reason: procreation.  Gays cannot do that, create their own, biological children.  In this instance they are attempting to imitate what is right and that God created, to keep the human race going.  There is more to be said about this, but I won’t go into it further here.

Imitating is what Satan does best; he tries to counterfeit what God is and does by filling people with religions, for example, that are similar in ways to the real Christian faith, but that “clone” certain realities of Christ’s but are counterfeit.  

Marriage is one example, the Muslim religion of Islam is another example.  They teach an “amalgamation” of Christianity and Judaism.  Islam recognizes many people from the bible, but their stories are made up, not true, and places their god Allah in place of Jesus Christ, who they see as only a prophet.   You can see some of the differences here.  

These people seem to think that conservative, or Christian speech, is a “threat to their communities”, which are hate-filled and vile in their ways, according to our biblical teachings to love one another and behave in peaceful, organized ways instead of destroying property and warring on peoples.  They seem to think that perpetuating violence against Christians, and conservatives in general, is okay and should be promoted through society.  This means, of course, that there would only be their way of life imposed upon all people whether we believed they were right or not.

What is this called?  Imposing a way of life that is cruel, demeaning and wild on a precious group of our society cannot be condoned.  It is wrong.  We are a representative democracy, and we are to be safe from attack on our religious beliefs, as well as on our free speech.  We are not to tyrannize people in black masks, perpetuating violence and threats to people’s safety, just because we don’t like what someone says or believes.

There is room for all, once we are peaceful in expressing our views, in a knowledgeable way, hopefully, and not attacking people violently for their views that are peaceful.  No one is abusing their right to free speech and a peaceful assembly – they are not inciting violence, as one would in a crowded theater by yelling “Fire!”.  That is not free speech, but the freedom to talk about having Jesus in your life is not a way that should endanger people, and often does not.  It is just these snowflakes, who don’t want to be told they are wrong to play with sex, getting sex change operations and the like, is a sin.  They don’t want to know about sin and what it is.  Like young children, they want what they want and they want it now, without thought of their futures, or what it means if mankind falls in the same way and perpetuating society is not longer available.  Especially if it became law that procreation becomes unlawful.  Our whole way of life as we know it gets threatened.  Our lives are at stake.

And yet the Christians do not fight for their way of life, and yet they must, or we will fall and be taken over by thugs who want to procreate in a home-made jar with a turkey baster, fathered – if you can call it that – by any male that’s conveniently standing around, or possibly paid, or someone’s father, brother or cousin, or with a couple lying in back of a bar someplace on the outskirts of town where there are used heroin needles lying around.  This is thug mentality, rapist culture and goes against what God ordained – marriage is between one man and one woman and you are to stay married, taking care of family members physically and spiritually, praying to the Father through the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.

I won’t get into what Allah wants.  It is too filthy in nature and I won’t describe it here.

Without fear, we should be able to say who we voted for and not get mobbed, under attack, for it.  We should feel free to say anyone we voted for and not become mobbed with people spitting at us, throwing urine and feces, or yelling their disdain for what we’ve said.  We should be the United States of America, not ANTIFA.

One rule including violence, begins with the type of “mob rule” that has attempted to overtake our country by the left.  This mobocracy is known as “ochlocracy”.  Merrium-Webster’s online dictionary defines ochlocracy as: “government by the mob :mob rule” and this is what our President and others from the right, and those who don’t agree with this ochlocracy by our government are fighting today.  They may want to assassinate our President, and take over our government with Muslims, those who do not want a more democratic form of government, like our representational form of government that we enjoy in the United States.  I say enjoy, because we are supposed to take our votes into account during elections, and our representatives should put their votes in to reflect their constituent votes.  It doesn’t always happen, but that’s the way it was set up to be.

People who don’t agree with our form of government seem to think that by violent acts against us, that we will succumb to their rule.  But this is why we have the Second Amendment, for any persons who try and overthrow our form of democratic republican form of government.  I, myself, claim to be a Republican, and I voted for our President Trump, and happily.  I did not want Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election, nor did I want Bernie Sanders to win.  I was happy with what I heard Donald Trump saying during his campaign, and I believed him to speak from the heart.  He says he believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and that’s a wonderful thing to me.


With all the backlash that we’ve been subjected to by ANTIFA and other violent groups, it serves to put others on notice, unfairly taking our rights away where we say openly who we voted for, without getting hit over the head by bottles, bicycle locks and spit on, or worse.  It used to be okay to speak at a college, and you could be different.  It was allowed, and that’s what colleges were known for back in those days.  They were the “institutions of higher learning” that we all aspired to attend and graduate from to earn more money from our jobs.  To be hired in at a higher rate of pay.  That was the promise and the selling point.  

This movement concerns me, and I find it taking place on our personal videos that share what God, the Lord Jesus Christ, has done for us and how he has helped us during the hard times we face.  A recent viewer of one of my videos got into this same rhetoric with me, asking what I should do if I heard a person saying things that were not approved of by non-believers, and left-wingers, essentially.  He began to dominate his rhetoric with asking me questions in judgement of my belief, in my faith, in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He began by being nonsensical about “religion”, telling me that I only believe in the Lord due to the place and time in history that I was born, that is was “the thing” nowadays (to believe), and other such nonsense.  I have since blocked him from my YouTube channel.

My request that I did not wish to argue why I believed went unheeded.  He became one of the “deaf”, who do not hear you when you talk about your faith in Jesus.  Going over boundaries this way proves to me that Satan has taken up space telling these people to tear down our faith, try and ridicule us, shame us and tear down our right to free speech.  Oh yes, and our right to practice our faith.

Who are these unwashed rebels who are against all conservative speech?  They don’t believe that God the Father made man, created him out of the dust of the earth, offered his saving grace through His Son, Jesus Christ, so that people could reside with Him for eternity?  It is Satan, of course.  Any man, or woman, who does not believe in Christ Jesus, is serving Satan and will wind up in hell, for eternity.  That’s a very long time, and a very poor choice to make, seeings how God made man and all.  Who would choose to live eternity by being tortured along with Satan and his cretins who die and won’t believe in Jesus, God’s son?  God may have already given some of these unbelievers to their “reprobate minds”, already, and that is why they can’t be reasoned with, nor will they see how perpetuating violence against all good Christians is a bad thing to do.  

They are afraid that their being sinful and having sinful nature’s will be revealed and I think that having a “hive mind” protects them.  Do as they do and then they will all be accepted, as in the peer pressure most people felt while they went through school.  Do as your friends do, do what they say is acceptable, and follow them.  Then you are “all right” in your own peer group.

To me, this speaks of immaturity of mankind.  They won’t do what mature adults do and take on responsibility to support themselves, their families, and take on what they know they should do; not kill, steal, destroy, like Satan.  They want what they want, and they want it now.  There is no patience, no politeness and no respecting of people’s personal “space”.  Boundary violations, perpetrated by force sometimes, causes rapists to rape, protesters to hit someone on the head with some object that may harm, and even kill a person, and run riot down the streets blocking traffic and setting cars on fire.  Just like ISIS, and other rebellious individuals, typically the so-called “refugees” in European countries, that have been destroyed, and are coming down due to Angela Merkel, and these other “leaders” these days.  They do not respect their own citizens, it seems.

person-371015_640Christians are not violent as a rule, unless they are threatened and must take things into their own hands such as when their lives, or the lives of their loved ones, are being threatened.   Let’s be clear; Jesus did not promote and teach violence toward those who did not believe in his teachings.  Instead, he told his Apostles to wipe the dust off their feet and go into the next town, and preach.

Yet in this country, the United States, we are not preaching to those who would not believe, because even Jesus said that if he raised someone from the dead people who saw this would still not believe in his being the Son of God, and God Himself, walking in the flesh on earth as a man.  He was both man and God, let’s be clear.  Not half God and half man, but fully God and fully man.  But bringing a person back from death did not convince people that He was the Son of Man, God’s Son, Jesus the Christ.

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