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A Job Change In Unforeseen Good Timing: A Wonderful Future With Christ

workstation-405768__340Today was an amazing day; I started a new temporary job after leaving a temporary job I was not happy with.  I left my previous temporary assignment when the manager started acting strangely; he seemed angry because I had found a bill his company owed of over $42,000.00!  He wanted me to pay it after I found out what the balance was, expecting to only pay $350.00 or so.  But when I went to pay it, the company told me that the company owed the tremendous amount of over $42,000.000!  I was dumbfounded, and in shock.

After that, I sent the manager an email telling him I was unclear on what bills our office paid out and who paid all the other bills that came in the office mail which I opened every morning.  He did not respond, he only acted like he hated my guts, and he began to treat me as if I were undesirable, that he couldn’t stand me being in the office, and that I was the dumbest person on the block.  He became quite insulting, and I tried contacting my recruiter who sent me to this temporary job assignment, to no avail.  He never answered my repeated emails, texts and phone messages.  So I took a Monday off as a sick day, hoping my recruiter would have called the angry manager and see if he wanted me to return to work that week.  But that never happened.  After 5:00 pm Monday, I elected to quit; so I emailed my recruiter that I resigned, effective immediately, because he never responded to any of my messages, asking him to call the manager and find out what went wrong.  So that is how I left my last job, after about a month.  It was supposed to be a three-month assignment.

So, today, I felt very good about my having quit the last job, in order to accept this new position, which may be a permanent job if I stay the three months and they want to keep me.  So far I enjoy the people, and the job is not too hard so that I can learn about the company on my own free time, as well as spend my lunch hour on my laptop at work, happily plugged into an electrical socket, typing to my little heart’s desire.  I will have a stable paycheck, and I am so grateful to God for helping me quit my last job, even though I had no idea why that was happening, that it had gone so wrong.  I have a new job instead, one that I like and I think the people are very friendly and I am hopeful it will be my last job.  I will stay if they will have me, that is all I know now.  

I am trusting that the Lord Jesus Christ will help me figure out a way to keep income coming into me, as well as fight my demons that have chased me around the United States for the past two decades or more.  It’s just unbelievable what the enemy has stolen from me; a daughter I gave birth to, a level of status I had in my field of psychology, a job at a University I loved, a home I was buying, a new car I bought for earning my master’s degree… so many things went down the drain in those years.  But I am not going to cry over spilled milk when I know that I will spend my eternity with the Lord.  That is all I know since we don’t know from day to day how much time we have to spend on the planet, nor what our futures may bring.  I pray that my life be blessed and that I make it to heaven.

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