A Job I Love Taken From Me Today

infusion-1296236_1280Today I got sent home early from a job I loved, after only working there for two days. This was my third day, and this morning, around 9:45 am, a pharmacist for the company called me into her office, and I could tell it was something serious.  I was a bit scared, not knowing what this was about; I was not sure of her name and had never worked with her directly.  She had not even been one of the managers who hired me.

She confided that she “went above the manager’s head” about this and was calling me in to tell me that I could not work there since I did not have my pharmacy assistant credential which I had applied for last week.  It had not been recorded yet, they were two weeks behind at the licensing board entering applications into their system.  Today was the 20th; I had mailed it in on the 13th, and they were entering in applications to their online system from the 6th, so my application wouldn’t even be entered into the system until maybe the end of next week, a week-and-a-half away, or probably the first of the following week, meaning I would not be able to work at my new job that I loved, until that application was at least processed, to make it “pending”, until the background check was done, and they moved it to “active”.  That could take three weeks or more from today, so I set myself up at the library to look for another job, going through a temporary agency, and maybe go back to the job I loved.

cop-1249047_640I’m really not sure what I’ll do.  I have an interview for tomorrow at a temporary agency that will send me to an interview for a permanent position close by at a security company.  They need a dispatcher who would work as an administrative person, and watch the security cameras, working closely with the police and fire departments. They also would train me on how to use a baton, and handcuff people, in case of emergency and all were called in to assist in some incident.

I am not really the best at security, and don’t want to do the job, however it is working in an office.  That’s not so bad.  But knowing security companies the way I do, I know this is not the type of job for me.  Besides, I am way overqualified, but for a quick job, this might be my answer.  I just don’t want to get stuck in security like I have been in the past.  How odd that this is the job she said they have where you get hired in permanently, not temporarily, and she explained how good the benefits are.  I’m not really sure what God is doing except that this may be a job that He is providing, until I know where I am going in life.

When I see the lady at the temporary agency tomorrow before going on the security job interview, I will ask her about the temporary to permanent job she told me about first when we spoke on the phone.  It was then as she reviewed my resume that she saw I had done security work for two years, until I couldn’t stand it any more and finally left.  I had been trying to get long-term permanent employment on my resume, and that’s the only permanent job that was offered me at the time, so I took it.  Now it’s come around again and I simply hate the industry and don’t want to go back into it for any length of time.  I may accept a job offer and then leave if I have another job to go to.  Like that job I love so much that is only temporary, for about 2 or 3 months, which was said to be temporary only.  I have not been made any promises there but an employee told me it is a growing business, so that’s promising.

God, grant me the serenity.

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