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My Travels: White Woman In A Truck

So I went on my first truck ride, making my way through the state of Washington, wondering what it was all about.

This is the truck I drove.


This is a 16-foot box truck, cab-over, I am told, by the man who owns the company.  I’ll call him Scott.

He’s a good guy, a Christian, so I could talk to him immediately about the Christian experience and why I trusted him.

I shared with him my experience writing job ads on Craigslist while I looked for work.  His was one example of the kinds of jobs I would get…

I’m an office worker, and there’s nothing like a truck-driving job delivering auto parts that I wouldn’t want more… To have sore arms and neck, a back that won’t bend and legs that hurt when I walk… yes, that’s the kind of work I would get in a hurry, wanting to make ends meet and not take additional free benefits like the food stamps I used to get.

I got food stamps when I was poor, and traveling through the states in the United States, under hardship, hurting like hell, wondering why I couldn’t find work.  I was a case-manager back in California, and I’m trying to make sense out of why my life took shape this way.  

I live in a van and I’m homeless, now for the third time.  Why am I so having a problem finding good jobs where I can support myself, and live a normal, decent life on my own, not harming anybody and just getting along?  All I want to do is lead a normal life.

Now I’m having problems with income, again, and so I have the truck-driving job where I deliver auto-parts to companies around the state of Washington, and into Oregon, where I delivered some supplies one night.  I posted an ad for “job wanted” on the East Side of Lake Washington so that I wouldn’t have to go into Seattle to find a job.  I wanted temporary, a quick job so I could wait for a job coming through and have some sort of income, while waiting.

I needed food stamps so I got the emergency food stamps while I’m waiting for a job to come through, where I applied for a job, got the paperwork done, and now have to wait for a pharmacy assistant certificate to get posted on the Washington state licensing site, here:  Pharmacy assistant certification

I’m checking the status of when they are working on September 16th, when they would have received my September 13th signed application in the mail on this page:  Day of certification processing

So, I guess I have another two weeks from today in order that they receive my application and post it on their website, as “pending”, or maybe “active”, depending on how fast they process them.

I can’t wait.  My arms are sore and I’m tired from driving all night.  This is the only job I’ll have until I get the other job working at the front desk for a pharmacy-related company in their corporate office, with a clinic next to where I sit.  A nurse sits back there and does the infusions for any patient they have, who make an appointment to receive infusion therapy.  That is where they feed medication through a tube into the person’s arm.  So that is the job I’m waiting on and then I won’t have to drive a truck making deliveries any longer. 

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