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Tongues And The Azuza Street Revival: A Pagan Religious Ecstatic Practice

Tongues has been the scourge of Christianity in America for years.  It is the gibbering vowels and nonsense spoken by the Continuationist Charismatic movement that has morphed into many “waves” and variations from that time on.

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The Azuza Street Revival was the beginning of Pentecostalism in America.  It began in Los Angeles, California, on April 9, 1906, as a meeting that continued until 1915 which grew into a revival. 

Today, the revival is considered by historians to be the primary catalyst for the spread of Pentecostalism in the 20th century. ~ Wikipedia, Azusa Street Revival

Pentecostalism, founded by William J. Seymour, combines a pagan religion based on African Voodoo shamanic “tongues” and church of god evening light saints holiness churches.

William J. Seymour had early life experiences with spirits and parallel manifestations, like unto his forefathers who practiced pagan Voodoo religion. ~ Curtis Edwards: Pagan Pentecostalism – It’s Roots: Sex, Sin & Slavery

Many of these people know the bible, they have read it and learned the basic messages of God written in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  But their understanding of the gift of “tongues” is basically wrong, and so wrong that I fear that a new religion of satan is being born, ushered in by those who believe that speaking gibberish tongues is a gift from the Lord Jesus Christ; but it is not.  It is of satan.  Like John MacArthur says, if you are in an ecstatic state speaking in these “tongues”, and not making sense, you are either in the flesh in a type of trance-like state or you are under the guise of a “foreign spirit”, thinking it is of God.  They think it is God’s Holy Spirit making people speak in unknown gibberish, but the Holy Spirit being God, is not a God of confusion.  

Pagan History

Pagan ecstatic “tongues” is very common in pagan religion and so is counterfeit.  I offer something I would start with, to review the speaking in languages that were signs to authenticate the validity of the new age.  John MacArthur is a great teacher on this and other subjects:

“Corinth Revisited”:  Speaking In Tongues – by John MacArthur

The problem with the tongues speaking people is that they have veered off into seeking the miraculous where all their time is spent on chasing miracles instead of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Their sole focus seems to be on their “miraculous gift”; speaking gibberish.  As someone wrote, 

What is at the heart of the Pentecostal, Charismatic and Neo-Charismatic movements? The answer is a peculiar doctrine of the Holy Spirit. ~ Rev. Angus Stewart: The Three Waves of Charismatic Christianity

Book of Acts – Early Church

In the book of Acts, there was a gift of known languages given to the people who were speaking, with the Holy Spirit’s leading, to the travelers who had come from distant cities and countries.  They recognized the work of God because the people speaking their languages could not have ever learned their language, but were miraculously speaking a language that someone could understand.  It was a miraculous gift of God at the time and conveyed the message of God to the people who traveled long distances.  It helped to start the early church.

By speaking in the known languages, the words of God were easily spread to more people and translators who were present could translate the foreign language into the known language of the locals so that they, too, would know what was being said.

So if someone is speaking at the United Nations in Chinese, not everyone knows the Chinese language so interpreters are present who can translate Chinese into every countries language, so that all understand.

After the Book of Acts where the early church got started, people didn’t practice speaking in foreign languages any more.  The word had spread, enough that Christianity was being recognized.  It was never talked about after that point in time in the bible, so that those early Apostolic gifts were not being used in the manner in which the Apostles used them.  There were a few times in the bible which spoke about others “casting out a demon”, but that died out too.  It was not present in the bible but people today keep carrying on as if they have those Apostolic and miraculous gifts, but who use them to keep control on their congregants who give money to be healed, spoken over and other tyrannizing ways that takes advantage of their naivete of the bible.

Other Studied Pastors “Take” On Tongues, As Miraculous Sign Gifts

How many people who speak in tongues also claim they have other “miraculous gifts”?  They do not have the bible knowledge to know the difference.  I will now include the so-called “healing gifts” where these people speak in tongues, and may have other “gifts”.  I want to show you something important about these so-called “gifts”, by very knowledgeable pastors and teachers on the subject about these false teachers.

Take Benny Hinn, for example.  He is a fox in sheep’s clothing and I think I can say with great confidence that many of you who read this are agreeing; he is a false preacher who takes advantage of poor, sick people, and has grown an empire of wealth upon these people’s backs.

The healers also have their “take” on speaking in tongues as being a miraculous gift going on today.  A great teacher about this, Justin Peters, has a video where he talks about false teachers.  Having Cerebral Palsy, he attended Benny Hinn healing meetings, seeking to be healed.  Here is an excellent example of his teaching against false teaching:

Justin Peters:   (236) Justin Peters: The Hurt of Healing

Read what Justin Peters has to say about his experience with Word of Faith preachers: 

I wanted to be healed of my CP and did not see it for what it was – something which, in His sovereignty, God gave me.  I was seeking supposed gifts and not the Giver. … When I would go to the Benny Hinn, Ken Copeland, Duplantis, etc., etc. meetings I grieved – I genuinely grieved.  However, in hindsight, I now see that my grieving was misplaced.  I grieved primarily because I saw the poor and the desperate and the sick being abused and exploited.  …  However, my grieving should have been first and foremost that God’s Name and His Word were being maligned and twisted.  I should have been broken over God’s reputation far more so than the people themselves. ~ Justin Peters:  Personal Testimony

And Costi Hinn, having been interviewed about his uncle Benny Hinn’s healing meetings, speaks clearly in a video interview, about his uncle’s Word of Faith healings as being false:  Costi Hinn (Nephew of Benny Hinn) Gives Encouraging Testimony

We are no longer living in those times where we must start the early Christian church.  We are well beyond that time, and we have bibles written in foreign languages where it is delivered to people around the world, so that they can understand the bible in their native languages.  That is why the gift of known languages was needed during the time of Acts; people did not have book publishers and the internet to translate the language that the bible was being taught in.  Not everyone spoke the same language then, or now.

Not Prayer

These “continuationists” or “charismatics” seem to think that God’s plans for us are going to be interfered with if satan has a clue about what we are praying.  Here is another problem with Faith Healers who “speak in tongues”; they say they have to give God permission to heal someone.  They call upon the Lord, giving him directions to “give them more power” so that human beings can, in their faith, lay their hands on someone to heal them.  This goes into another whole ball of wax where the charismatics seem to have no boundaries on the supernatural powers they think that God has gifted them with.  I can’t give you all the facts here, I do not have the blog space for today to write about all this and how it gels with the “tongues” speaking pagan-worshiping we see today.

Speaking in gibberish is supposedly a “secret, prayer language” that was once described to me as having to be unknown so that “satan would not know what you are praying to the Lord”.  The problem I have with that is, God is over and above satan who was Lucifer, the most special angel that GOD CREATED, who wanted to be God.  He was thrown out of heaven and took one-third of the angels with him. 

Would I have to say something to God in secret?  Is God not strong enough to get satan out of the way if He wants to?  Did God not create Lucifer?  Did Jesus not overcome death?  Where in the bible does it instruct Christians to pray in secret to prevent satan from tearing apart what we ask of God?  God asks us to pray in our closet in secret so that we are not like the hypocrites that pray openly out on the street corners to be seen by men, but He asks us that we pray in secret so that He will reward us openly.


Folks, there is more to write about these subjects, much more, and there are many testimonies about how these false teachings have harmed people growing up in these churches.  I believe these false teachings, being not of God, however misunderstood, are promulgated within churches like a growing fad, keeping people excited to see the “moves of God” happening within their churches.

However these embarrassing manifestations are growing in popularity and cause fear and grave concern among the more studied pastors who are serious and level headed in what they teach from the bible.  These manifestations can be a door opening to satan and leading people to become affected by satan, becoming under the spell and control of satanic ritualistic nonsense, scaring people away, and causing people to be under the domination of the demonic.

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Forgiveness Is Helped By The Holy Spirit Who Resides Within True Believers Who Call Upon Him In Truth, Sincerity And Love

My topic today is forgiveness, a hard topic to talk about because there is so much about the topic and from a mental health point of view, that it is hard to really acknowledge that it is the Holy Spirit that forgives, not us.

It can’t be taken lightly because many who find themselves seeking mental health services are often the victims of some childhood abuse, or are being traumatized by evil in the world. 

I get mad at the thought where I was once told to “forgive” someone who battered me years ago, as if it would go away; the damage that was done, the terror I felt, the aloneness and alienation I felt when my own family would not “be there for me” and provide the support I wanted.  I worked in mental health at the time and so my friend telling me to just simply “forgive” all the damage and pain that my batterer had caused me seemed unimaginable.  It was really unbelievable that she could just seem to dismiss this pain and the hurt it had caused me.  I was truly harmed by it and she could not understand the degree of pain I was in.  It was only a superficial response; she was telling me what we have learned to do: forgive.

Forgiving is better than staying bitter and angry we are told, but we don’t know why this is best.  We don’t know how to do it even, and that’s because we are incapable of it.  We are unable to truly forgive a person because we run only so deep in our heart’s and minds.  We are of the flesh, fallen in nature and so only can do so much in healing ourselves.  If we even can.

By the way Bill Haferkamp Sr. said my first name publicly on Facebook was a kind of threatening to my soul.  He was going to “out” me on Facebook by telling his audience my real name so that a batterer that hurt me in the past could possibly track me on Facebook, thereby bringing up the possibility of that batterer learning my whereabouts and knowing where I lived, putting my life in danger.  That’s a pastor for you and his name is Bill Haferkamp Sr., on Facebook.  This is what he needs to repent from; trying to put other people’s lives in danger.  

He who restrains his words has knowledge, And he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding. ~ Proverbe 17:27 

He needs to repent for more: calling my friend names, and verbally jousting about with the other pastor, Clifford Short, at my friend’s expense, seeing it all as fun and games while being in the presence of God, our Holy Father who sees what goes on.

These are not the kind of “pastors” I seek or want to learn from.  They are fools, full of themselves, sluggish in their lack of study, lack of knowledge, of the bible where they feign to teach from. 

For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel! ~ 1 Corinthians 9:16

They do not even know that you don’t act that way in public, especially on social media where others will read what they wrote.  It will get republished and talked about in other areas of life where they tarnish whatever respect they might have gotten if they rightly divided the word instead of ganging up on people who do not believe in their being “filled with the Holy Spirit” which cannot let that kind of thing provide guidance to some people who are still seeking God these days, which are very few.

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.  ~ Matthew 7:14

You can’t forgive alone, you are only able to do what’s fleshly.  Clearing away the hurt of the past to forgive another person who has harmed or wronged you cannot be done by yourself; you must truly have the Holy Spirit to give the love of Christ to another human being, really have a changed heart that comes from the Holy Spirit, and forgives, so that there is a true cleansing of anger, rage, the bitterness that comes from feeling harmed by another human being, and being healed of it completely, so that it no longer harms you.  It is a true healing, and is miraculous.

26 “In your anger do not sin” : Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27 and do not give the devil a foothold. …  29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. ~ Ephesians 4:26-27, 29-31

Forgiveness and restraint from angry outbursts are provided for from the loving restraint of the Holy Spirit.  You probably can’t forgive alone, you are only able to do what’s fleshly, because we are human.  We are not gods who perform miracles, and really heal people by imparting our own healing spirit to people.  That would be but filthy rags we are imparting to people.  So if you want and impartation from someone, better make sure he is Holy, first.  And that’s Christ, the only Holy man who lived, and who still lives.

Miraculous healing and imparting of the Holy Spirit comes from Christ.  Redemption and saving us from sin comes from Christ who saved us from the grave.

Christ heals, Christ gifts people with His Holy spirit, who can do all things because he is also Christ, and Father God, all in one.  They have the same power, they are the same God in different forms to us, but are all the same Father God, our Creator, our Savior, our Holy Spirit we are given as a gift.  No man gives us this gift, it is God’s gift and he decides who gets it, not some man, placing his hands upon you and saying in effect, “you are not god and so go heal people and proclaim that you are Jesus but call yourself something else, a pastor or someone else’s name but we know we are truly healing because we are fine and dandy men who can impart what is Holy to another person, right?”  What hogwash!  It is only God who imparts a healing or who sends a person His Holy Spirit.  

It is God alone who performs miracles and can cleanse us and heal us from the past of our fleshly lives and our fleshly, fallen ways of life. 

We can only be of this world, born into fleshly bodies, and have fallen into sin from the time of Adam on, and we are not able to be more than humans in fleshly bodies with fallen natures.  We are not Holy and cannot cleanse ourselves; our hearts cannot be clean, unless we are of God’s Holy Spirit where he inhabits our hearts, and He is who is clean, not us.  

Man isn’t capable of healing another person’s pain, and that’s why I can’t agree with the mental health system of “healing”.  They leave God out of the healing.  They impart something else into a person that cannot heal; it can only make worse what the person believes who does the imparting since he is healing from sin, and believes satan is the cure, especially if he is not a Christian.  Satan can do magic tricks and can heal if he wants to I suppose, but is it really a healing, or is it some magic trick that keeps the person in bondage to satan?  Would satan heal out of his goodness?  What goodness does satan really have?  Isn’t he a slave to sin, as well as mankind?  Without Christ can healing ever take place in it’s truest sense?  Chains and bonds are broken with Christ; satan offers the exact opposite.  Man’s medicine can heal or assist the body to get well, but can it really heal?   Doctor’s don’t have the healing capacity; it is God’s alone.  Man cannot heal another man.  It must be God that heals.

God the Creator heals, not man alone, without God.

Man can try and refrain from getting angry, but the sun goes down and man cannot forgive and forget; not that easily, if ever, I don’t know.  We carry with us the memory of old hurts we can never get away from, never move on from and never truly clean ourselves from.  We are not born Holy.  It is Holiness that cures us and it does not come from man. 

“For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, ~ Mark 7:21

If a man is out of control and calls people names such as on Facebook, and is unable to calm down when his anger, and doesn’t even want to, that is not a godly thing to do, especially when it is a pastor.  I have to laugh.  Most men calling themselves pastors are not pastors; they are something else.  The church is of God and man is ordained by God but not to call names and be ugly right out on social media.  This is ungodly and is out of control.  The anger which which the pastor acted who I wrote about on this blog a few days ago, showed up that he is not “saved”, and that he had no idea that he was sinning in the face of God by calling out a few of we Christians, who are truly believers in Christ Jesus.

He let his anger and rage go uncontrolled and he really made a fool of himself and should repent from that.  I’m still going through the comments on my Facebook page  (which were not retrievable on my cell phone), probably because there were so many that they would not open up on my Facebook page, all while I didn’t even know this was taking place, probably because I was at work or doing something else.

His ungodly behavior went public, and what a mistake he made to show himself publicly as a hateful, ugly man.  Since then, someone who I’ve not been in direct contact with before contacted me, I won’t say how, and whose identity I will never share, who has said Bill is a mean man and this person has some first-hand knowledge of the fact.  “Bill Haferkamp Sr.” is on Facebook and you can find out for yourself how he acts, who he is angry with, and whether someone else claims that he is a mean, angry man.

I have said we must forgive, and I do forgive his wrongfulness, and I mentioned this on my Facebook page where he posted, but I did so because I have God in my life.   I could have remained angry had I not known God to take away the pain and my anger.  I take pity on this man that must harm others, and to call himself a pastor and do what he did  especially, is an abomination.  He will be judged, and for his sin he will be kept out of heaven, and that’s why I feel pity on such a man.  Without true repentance, he will not be saved.  That is what the bible teaches us, to repent and give ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to make sure you realize what’s going on here with this very bullying man who wanted me to follow what he and his wife taught.  They suggested I come down to Oregon because I wanted to find a better life’s situation where I could find a job and settle down.  But after I found that I would be unable to go to his church because of their belief in the manifestations, feeling and ecstatic states of the Pentecostal church and where speaking in tongues was a strong part of their belief, I thought I would have a problem being with people who I thought were friends at the time, who I enjoyed speaking with up to a point, until I began to latch onto the truth of the bible, where speaking of tongues is actually an impartation of the devil.  I found I felt I could not go on with friends as these.

“We are not to indulge in things that are contrary to the Word of God, like the fake Christians of this world who live like unbelievers.” ~

It is good to keep oneself apart in Christian pursuits, as John MacArthur said, from people who are following after weird and strange “fire”; manifestations with the impartations from their leaders, who advocate the speaking in tongues, or laughing hysterically, shaking, crawling or rolling on the ground, seeking plumes of fire and smoke or glitter falling from the ceiling, and other manifestations, that are not of the One True God.  I wanted to state that these things can, and will, mislead people into thinking that they are following God when in fact they are following demonic wild imaginings that are attributed to God but are from satan.

People either are chasing the flesh, or are chasing demons in those so-called “churches”, because that is what they focus on and it’s not about God in any way, shape or form.  Simply put, those pastors do not even know God and to portray him in that way to unknowing, naive and lazy people, is a sin.  They will pay for it in hell unless they repent and turn from their ways, ask God for forgiveness and try and understand the bible as best as is humanly possible.  But they often never do.  It takes too much work to study the bible and keep going with it every day, and these people are lazy, and would not gather the people they have nor the money they collect by the false teachings they say are of God.

My point in forgiveness is that man is bad; he has a fallen nature and that is why so many of these churches teach these false things.  I am sorry if you’ve experienced these things when you thought you were going to a “church” where you wanted to learn about God, and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit only resides within your heart if you are a sincere, true “Believer” in Jesus Christ, and if you live in a way that puts God’s teachings first by reading the bible and praying to God every day, He will make himself apparent to you.  Always putting God first in your life, and being awed by His Glory, is what you should be doing, as a Christian, and not chasing after miracles.  Miracles is God’s business and not a thing man created, after all.

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A So-Called “Pastor” Calling Friends Names And Behaving Badly On Facebook

20171024_220500I spoke up on my Facebook page and really got the backlash that I thought would happen.  There are far too many people who call themselves Christian who are teaching with reprobate minds.  They do not know the Lord Jesus Christ but are only play-acting that they have had a long-time knowledge about Him but in my mind they have proved themselves to be carnal, angry and have lashed out at some of my friends and I for standing up for God on Facebook.

I do not pray or speak in unintelligible “tongues”, nor do I believe they are of God.  I know because I have listened to well-respected and long-time pastors who have spoken on this as heretical false spiritual teaching and that the naive, new Christians seeking the One True God and those that are either “lazy” or don’t want to bother studying the bible, are following this heretical teaching.

Even with over 100 comments, many of which were of one special person talking to people who ganged up on her, they still would not listen nor respond to what she was saying.  They don’t get the message of redemption.  They act like spiritual voices and other manifestations are the whole meaning of being a Christian.  They are lost and well-meaning at first, but once they are confronted with the truth of the Book of Acts, and how the Apostolic miracles were phased out and no longer needed by Jesus and his followers, including the Apostles, who started the early church.  The miracles were always secondary to the Good News of Jesus, and used to confirm Jesus, and his apostles, as being of God.  Then it was never mentioned after the book of Acts, as you go through the bible further down the timeline until after Jesus died.

Jesus did not teach us to speak in unintelligible languages to build us up, or ever.  He was not teaching us how to perform miracles.  Now, Jesus can perform miracles if he wanted to, but we are past the time of the Apostles performing miracles to carry the message about Jesus as Lord and Savior, of being God’s Son.  

As several of us tried to share and explain the truth about this, two pastors who were already friends, being of the Word of Faith and Pentecostal movement, started bad-mouthing us.  One pastor in particular called my friend “pig”, filth, and made other sad, derogatory comments, even racist comments that his friend the Word of Faith “pastor” bantered back to him, both laughing and very mean.  They showed themselves as having no understanding of the Holy Spirit, and one pastor got angry.  He was ugly.  It was sad to watch since I had been friends with all the people involved.

The angry pastor called me “crazy” and “loony”.  He was very controlling and acted like he wanted to be intimidating, once I decided to share my feelings about the speaking of tongues.  I finally came out of the closet publicly on my own wall but had hinted in the past here on my blog that I did not believe in speaking in tongues as being from God.

He made the false allegation that I was hiding out in my van and “hiding out from authorities”.  Here is what he said in my narrative video I created while sitting in my van, filming the street where I was parked a few nights ago.  I think it is appalling how he treated several of us.  I could not believe it.  He and his wife and the other pastor have since unfriended me but I do not care; I would rather speak the truth and help others who want to know the truth about God, than subdue myself to “fit in”.

Here is my video talking about the pastor on Facebook:  Sadly, a pastor falsely accuses people on Facebook

My aim is not to be derogatory toward the people who call themselves Christians but who speak in tongues, but it is important to me to share the Good Word of God, especially with new seekers and believers who may have run across the same information that I came across a few years ago that was all about the miracles being allegedly performed with no real proof, the raising of the dead being claimed, the formulaic prayers to heal someone and speaking in tongues as being from the Holy Spirit.  

I no longer believe those things and I am wanting to share the true Word of God to not lead people astray.  I will not be quiet and let the world be over-run with these false believers who must not know God if they are acting this way.


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John MacArthur Shares The True Gospel Of Jesus Christ

books-2158737_1280My number of friends on Facebook suddenly dropped.  I confronted a group of people there who call themselves Christians, out on their false teaching where Christians have to believe whatever is said in the Pentecostal and Charismatic tradition.

We never are allowed to question what they teach let alone confront them on it.  I read someone’s book about how the Pentacost belief system came from Africa; it carries Voodoo and Hoodoo along with it and became the Azuza revival, I guess, according to what I read.

If we never have boundaries and think that the bible just continues on past it’s book bindings, saying more, we have added words, beliefs and heresays to the Word of God.

Can we all learn more and be on the same page regarding the bible?  I suggest John MacArthur, who has 50 years of preaching and a college he started to his many faith-based accomplishments.  How many can say the same?

And, his teaching is spot on, very accurate.  He explains everything in the bible and has the study bible to show you what you should know.  So many preachers out there are following false gods.

Yes, it is true, I don’t want lost souls on my hands when it comes time to meet Jesus in the rapture and I have the commandment to go share the gospel with others, so what the hay?  I’ll share right here.  Starting with the commandment that we don’t continue to preach something not said in the bible, and we don’t share our experiences of something Satan did to make one believe that he is God.  He is not.

Tongues have stopped and John MacArthur has many teachings on this.  He has videos at his website; Grace to You as well as on YouTube.  You can google his name.  I have watched so many of his videos and hunger to watch more as I study my bible, which is John MacArthur’s study bible, to learn what I haven’t learned at other churches with pastors that try and sell their wares which is very disturbing.  One guy I know has started a miraculous school.  He even presumes he knows all about how to create miracles, like we even need some guy to do this, when we have God Almighty to create miracles if He wants to.

There is so much false teaching out there that I am very disturbed at how many souls will be lost from the false teachers that sell them a bill of goods, and steer them away from the true gospel.  They play in the den of demons which will make sure these baby Christians will be misled, never finding Christ, but only puffed up men who think they know it all, who don’t know the bible like John MacArthur does. 

My, my, what a world we’re living in when even the word of God is corrupted!

My hope is that lost souls wake up and find God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and that we have a world of believers who talk to Jesus, who He in turn knows.  Remember this;

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. ~ Matthew 7:21-23

I pray this: that every one of you reading this will go to John MacArthur’s website and start hearing what he has to say.  It’s pretty all-consuming, what, with his 50 years of sharing the gospel.  

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A Temporary Job Poses Challenges: Financial Changes

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My blog is going to change into something else down the line, so that I can offer services and products that I have been thinking about and wanting to develop that may help Christians in their lives.  I’m having “pet-projects” ideas but haven’t found the time to work on these yet, since I’m still living in a van and it’s hard to find the space and quiet I need to develop these special projects.

I’m excited to say that my job came through; the one I’ve been waiting for, the one I started over a month ago then was sent home because I did not have the certification they needed which I applied for, but it never went active until this week, on Thursday.  I wrote about this here.  Now I have the proper documentation to work in an office in Redmond, Washington.

Hopefully this will allow me to find a place to live, if the job does go permanent, but there is talk I may go permanent but I won’t find out until after the next three months.  It’s hard to live this way because I can’t get on with life I feel, unless God wants me to learn patience, living in a van for three more months.

Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.
~ Romans 12:12

I know that God doesn’t want me to live this way and I have to keep telling myself that this situation will change; I am experiencing the lack of a good job and so I could not keep my income going, enough to pay all of my bills and also keep a cat.  I was unable to pay the rent in full and had to rely on my credit union to cover bills on autopay in order to keep current on my bills but I also was stung every time that they paid which made me overdrawn, accruing so many late fees that I knew I had to give notice and move out of my apartment as well as rehome my cat.

Giving up my cat was very hard to do; I love cats and I would always want the best for them.  I knew I could not take care of him in a vehicle.  We both would not be happy.  He was still young enough that he might not want to live confined in a van all day long.  It just didn’t seem like a good idea.  He wanted to play and climb on things like a kitty tree I had which, of course, would not fit in my car nor my van I have now.  It just wouldn’t have worked.

These are hard changes to make, but I’m happy I can still work and have the job skills that are marketable.  This will keep me afloat until I find a place to live that I can afford that is close to work where possibly having a business I can do part-time will help pay the bills. 

As I readjust to working in an office, rather than being a clinician in the mental health field, my income may not ever increase to what it used to be.  Planning a future on less income is not easy, but as an adult, and a Christian, this is my responsibility to figure out with the Lord’s guidance.  Relying on Him for my everyday needs is paramount in my faith-walk with Jesus Christ.


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Download: Mental Health Courts

I decided to write about something I knew; mental health treatment, and so have written a short, two-page download about the process mentally ill patients go through when they are held “involuntarily”.  My thoughts were flooded with a job I had while in California, and I thought back about what I did as a Mental Health Clinician when patients came into the Crisis Unit, and I had to determine whether they should be held in a psychiatric hospital for three days, involuntarily.

If you’d like to read that document you may download it from the sidebar on the right.  It’s called, “A General Description Of An Involuntary Hold Process For Mentally Ill Patients”, and is a short description of “5150’ing” a person who is deemed to be a danger to themselves, a danger to others, or who is “gravely disabled” and unable to care for themselves.  You may download the document in .docx format here: A General Description Of An Involuntary Hold Process For Mentally Ill Patients. It is also downloadable in .pdf format on the right margin of this blog.  Look for the link that says; Download: Mental Health Courts.

This is a helpful document I’ve created for those of you who have had someone you cared about become involuntarily hospitalized, and the process was a complete mystery to you and others.  

As I write more about mental illness, I want to keep this in mind: the way of the world is not the way of Christ Jesus.

God bless.


What Is My Calling In Life?

organic-1280537_640Have you ever felt like you wanted to make a change from working for someone else’s company and starting your own and felt overwhelmed with the possibilities?  I have written a brief business plan but I still haven’t nailed down how a company I want to do would be profitable.  Marketing is important, and so is my main company product or service.  I could go many ways.

Today I’m wondering how I’ll incorporate what I wish to do into one company: counseling, which involves teaching, and the media.  I have an education in both counseling and journalism and I enjoyed teaching college at a University in California.

I think I enjoy teaching more than counseling, because counseling becomes physically taxing, and that is the reason I enjoy teaching more.  If I had my own classes, either bible classes or teaching counseling, I might enjoy that.

I’m still asking God what he wants me to do.

I’m running into issues finding mainstream work where I live.   All the jobs, the majority at least, are being offered for jobs in Seattle, a city I don’t want to work in.  The commuter traffic is almost as bad as San Francisco’s and taking buses does not save time.  And the parking is bad.  Parking in parking garages is too expenses, and not every company offers their employees parking and parking validation.  Bridge toll to get to Seattle from the East Side is also too expensive.  So I want to work on the East Side, meaning on the east side of Lake Washington where the MicroSoft campus is in Bellevue, up to Bothell which is on the north end of the lake.

Here’s a map:

Lake Washington googlemap
Lake Washington. Photo: google maps

Starting a profitable business is not something that I can do today; it takes time.  And therein lies a problem: I need money to live and pay the bills while I’m starting a business.  I have issues with working in the mainstream media or counseling because they do not hold values I can agree with.  It’s hard to say no to a possible job in industries I don’t agree with, at least how they’re running now.  I can’t say I agree with the treatment found in counseling, nor do I believe everything the mainstream media tells us.

I have fun envisioning a way I’d like to do media, or counseling and I see myself teaching as well.  It’s just, how do I combine what I love doing into a business where I can support myself?

Those are questions I’m working on getting answers for, today.