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Homeless: An Upsetting Way Of Life

Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 10.48.56 AMI’m spending time here at St. Luke’s in Bellevue, Washington, around in back where they have a space called Sophia’s Day Center for homeless women.  Having coffee at a shared table with other homeless women and listening to the others talk in the room does not make for a thoughtful space for me to write.  It is a very disruptive place where the police were here after two women got into an argument about a chair and the little dog one of them had.  I came in just as a staff person told them to leave.  Then a police officer came and has now left, so this isn’t a normal environment for a person who is getting ready to go back to work should be.  Nor for someone who is getting on with her life and does not want to remain homeless, living in a van.

I’d like to do laundry today, here at Sophia’s Day Center as well as take a shower, and I’m hoping to pull this off without an argument by someone who is mentally unstable.  You get thrown out if you are perceived to argue, which is not my tendency to do.  Usually the one to be aggressive is someone being aggressive toward me, trying to invade my space and dominate me.  All these extra things to worry about does not make me relax and enjoy having time off from work.  

I go back to work tonight; my truck is already loaded with auto parts, so I just have to drive to Sunnyside and pick up milk samples, then drive to the warehouse at Richland.  The drive takes three-and-one-half hours, usually.  I think I can load up the milk samples by myself since there have been fewer containers to take from the warehouse in Sunnyside.

I’ll be driving through Snoqualmie Pass, Washington again today.  It’s a pretty drive but the road narrows and the highway lanes get a little curvy and scary to drive a big truck on.  My truck is 16 feet long and is tall, so it catches the wind and feels like it could lean and fall over if I do not slow down going around the turns.

When I get to the Richland warehouse and unload my truck with help from a guy who shows up early like I do, I’ll be loaded up with whatever has to be delivered back to Bellevue and Kent.  I will drop those off, then re-park the truck at the Ford of Bellevue parking lot, and get my own personal van, and drive away.  I’ll be done for the day at around 7:00 am tomorrow morning.

Here’s one of my first videos taken while I was driving through Snoqualmie Pass, Washington.  This is a new job that I’m doing for a few more days, hopefully, until I start my office job I should have been working, until I had to leave because I was not certified as a pharmacy assistant.  I had applied for that certification, but it had not gone through yet so I was sent home from my job.

Driving my delivery truck:  Daytime truck driving through Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

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