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Know The Way: Christ-Centered Life Is Best

Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 4.46.14 PMI’m dissatisfied with the way my life has been going.  In a way I can understand how I had so many problems in life because I wasn’t raised as a Christian and so invited Satan in.  He seeks to kill, steal and destroy, according to John 10:10.  

I found my life through and in Jesus; he gives life:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. ~ John 10:10 KJV

My earlier adult life consisted of running after the world; the worldly success I was raised to go for, the higher college degrees, good money and starting a family.  That was the training I got as a child.  That was about it, except doing Saturday chores.  Being seen and not heard was another things my parents taught, as well as helping to cook dinner, set the table and load the dishwasher.  I had a good life as far as that went but when I became an adult I lacked the wisdom to find my own calling.  I seemed to blow in the wind, not knowing where my strengths were, and what I would enjoy doing in my life as far as a vocation.

Making choices for myself was never allowed and I think I ran into a lot of problems by giving in to the kinds of people I should have stayed away from.  Two short, failed marriages and one child later, I lost everything and wound up homeless.  It’s a long story but I had harmed myself and my child I brought into the world.  She isn’t in my life at this point and I used to pray a lot for her out of fear of her father hurting her physically, like he did me.  I was terrified, but that’s not the subject I want to write about today.

I wanted a company I could call my own.  Something that pleased me to do; to exercise my talent in ways I could enjoy.  Several times in life I played with the idea of owning a media company, a radio station and buying a tower somewhere out by Cleveland, Ohio where they were having a sale on FM radio bands you could buy and after having worked briefly at a radio station out in Missouri, I found I had a predisposition for media.  

I earned a degree in journalism back in 1999 while living in Sacramento, California, but I never got into the field.  I didn’t want to write those stories about the local town hall meetings and boring stuff like that.  I wanted to write a book and maybe be like my dad who wrote book reviews for the local paper where I grew up, near Santa Rose, for the Press Democrat.   Reading and writing were two strengths I have always had since I liked to be alone, reading in my room as a child.  Then I began to write journals, and later while in college I joined the Journalism Club at California State University, Sacramento, and also for the Napa Valley College school paper before that where I earned two Associate’s degrees, one in Fine Arts and the other in Education.  They were my first degrees and I was proud to have them.  Then I earned my Journalism degree, and learned to write short news stories at a radio station in Vallejo as an intern for an older news guy.  I forget his name it’s been so long ago.

Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 5.20.39 PM

During my years in California I fought an ongoing child custody battle for the custody of my daughter and I learned a thing or two about family law and how it operates in California.  I did my own paperwork and went to court without a lawyer most times because I could not afford an attorney.  So I became active in several local groups that concerned themselves with helping people going to court for family law in particular.  One meeting I attended took place in San Jose, where we learned the laws of the State of California and learned about filing petitions and representing ourselves in court.  Then I became aware of a Sacramento parenting group for mothers and learned from what they were doing.  I also volunteered for a nonprofit that called on judges to be bound by the law, in finding that judges were ruling unfairly in their court rulings.  There was an attorney who still practices law in southern California.  I did internet radio for this group where I used my journalism training as a radio talk show host.  You probably never heard of it, though, but it gave me a lot of training and insight into running a radio show.

This is where I got the idea of owning an FM radio tower, much like the one in Missouri, where the radio talk show hosts sold natural health supplements and products in a big warehouse on their property, and had an attorney named Linda Kennedy, help them with their legal questions, since law was often a subject the radio show hosts talked about.  They were big, well-known radio broadcasters where I understand the lady ran for President, and her husband left her for other things, since they did not continue to see the radio programming in the same light.  They split having different ideas about which way the company should go, I believe.

This has all given me the background to have some insight into what happens when you don’t have the kind of people you need involved in a company you start.  That is why I want to start with a sole-proprietorship but make media a part of my company.  I like radio and I like having a say in what society thinks.  

In Ohio while I dreamed about having an FM radio station and talking at night about all the issues that interested me, I began to go to a nonprofit training site in Cleveland. They offered several free classes in how to start your own nonprofit, and I attended every one. Then I attended the University of Akron and took several classes on nonprofit management, and also urban planning.  I wanted to have some say in what I felt was important to communities, with families being held together keeping children safe, upholding the laws of our country, even taking pre-law classes and joining other groups where people studied the law around property taxes and things like that.  I became a student in many areas of life and joined many groups along the way, but this time spent in these groups was also educating me about life.

I have many more things to say and want to write.  I wished I had completed a Ph.D., but ran out of money, but I have found that I would not have wanted to pursue being a licensed psychologist when I found God.  He seemed to draw me away from that form of study and I am glad He did.  As we know, we must get God in our lives first, then go from there, otherwise we might not know the way, and like me, just blow in the wind for many years.

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