What Is My Calling In Life?

organic-1280537_640Have you ever felt like you wanted to make a change from working for someone else’s company and starting your own and felt overwhelmed with the possibilities?  I have written a brief business plan but I still haven’t nailed down how a company I want to do would be profitable.  Marketing is important, and so is my main company product or service.  I could go many ways.

Today I’m wondering how I’ll incorporate what I wish to do into one company: counseling, which involves teaching, and the media.  I have an education in both counseling and journalism and I enjoyed teaching college at a University in California.

I think I enjoy teaching more than counseling, because counseling becomes physically taxing, and that is the reason I enjoy teaching more.  If I had my own classes, either bible classes or teaching counseling, I might enjoy that.

I’m still asking God what he wants me to do.

I’m running into issues finding mainstream work where I live.   All the jobs, the majority at least, are being offered for jobs in Seattle, a city I don’t want to work in.  The commuter traffic is almost as bad as San Francisco’s and taking buses does not save time.  And the parking is bad.  Parking in parking garages is too expenses, and not every company offers their employees parking and parking validation.  Bridge toll to get to Seattle from the East Side is also too expensive.  So I want to work on the East Side, meaning on the east side of Lake Washington where the MicroSoft campus is in Bellevue, up to Bothell which is on the north end of the lake.

Here’s a map:

Lake Washington googlemap
Lake Washington. Photo: google maps

Starting a profitable business is not something that I can do today; it takes time.  And therein lies a problem: I need money to live and pay the bills while I’m starting a business.  I have issues with working in the mainstream media or counseling because they do not hold values I can agree with.  It’s hard to say no to a possible job in industries I don’t agree with, at least how they’re running now.  I can’t say I agree with the treatment found in counseling, nor do I believe everything the mainstream media tells us.

I have fun envisioning a way I’d like to do media, or counseling and I see myself teaching as well.  It’s just, how do I combine what I love doing into a business where I can support myself?

Those are questions I’m working on getting answers for, today.


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