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Download: Mental Health Courts

I decided to write about something I knew; mental health treatment, and so have written a short, two-page download about the process mentally ill patients go through when they are held “involuntarily”.  My thoughts were flooded with a job I had while in California, and I thought back about what I did as a Mental Health Clinician when patients came into the Crisis Unit, and I had to determine whether they should be held in a psychiatric hospital for three days, involuntarily.

If you’d like to read that document you may download it from the sidebar on the right.  It’s called, “A General Description Of An Involuntary Hold Process For Mentally Ill Patients”, and is a short description of “5150’ing” a person who is deemed to be a danger to themselves, a danger to others, or who is “gravely disabled” and unable to care for themselves.  You may download the document in .docx format here: A General Description Of An Involuntary Hold Process For Mentally Ill Patients. It is also downloadable in .pdf format on the right margin of this blog.  Look for the link that says; Download: Mental Health Courts.

This is a helpful document I’ve created for those of you who have had someone you cared about become involuntarily hospitalized, and the process was a complete mystery to you and others.  

As I write more about mental illness, I want to keep this in mind: the way of the world is not the way of Christ Jesus.

God bless.

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