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My Dream Job: Unexpected Answer From God

Today I’ve decided upon a company I’ll start on my own; that of lay-counselor and teacher of adults.  I’ve done both lines of work, and am very excited at the ideas coming across my mind which I believe are God-inspired.


As you may know, I’ve been struggling with finding sustainable income, and today I’d been thinking of working in Seattle at a better rate of pay.  In my van it would mean finding a parking area that I would transfer to and most likely take the bus into downtown Seattle.  

I was contacted with the request to answer a temp-to-permanent office job that pays well above what I am paid now, as a temporary employee, and thought, “it’s time that I earn more money, God, so I can find a better place to live”.  

It hasn’t been long after that when I decided to found a business where I could use my counseling and teaching skills and create my own company that I could do on the side while I continue with my job I have now which I think will go permanent.

I live local to my job so would not have to commute on a bus for an hour, like I would if I applied for the job offer in downtown Seattle that I received today in an email.  Using the time I would not have to commute would give me the time to build a company.

Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ!  I have found my answer.  It is by God’s will that I do this job, using my skills and training and following God instead of going back to an old career that is Godless and that I don’t believe in.

May you have the things you dream about come true for you, in the name of Jesus!

3 thoughts on “My Dream Job: Unexpected Answer From God

  1. That’s a great idea Suzanne and just think you won’t be limited in sharing Christ with others. My last two jobs talking about religion is taboo so now as a counselor you can really help people. If someone is hurting as a counselor and an ambassador for Christ I believe it would be appropriate to ask them about their spiritual state. I pray it will all come together for you. God bless, sister.

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