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An Answer To Starting A Business: An Office In My Vehicle Is How I’ll Have To Begin

Looking out my windshield as I sit writing this blog post tonight. Photo: sleboeuf @ christianview.blog

Today I searched online for a Christian counseling agency near me.  My seeking involves locating an opportunity working as a therapist and becoming licensed in Washington state.  It would not take more than a few years to pass the exams, in my estimation.  I was able to find a few agencies in my area but they do not hire non-licensed therapists.

My angst has been that I could never become licensed through the state of California, not getting consistent supervision hours while I worked as a therapist registered intern.  I skipped over trying to become licensed because it was so hard to get the supervision hours I needed and began working on a doctorate degree in psychology instead.  I taught at a University, where I taught in-class and online college courses in Human Services.  I loved the work but once I left California, there were many reasons why it was next to impossible to find work in my field.

Instead of explaining all the details, I thought today about how I could increase my wages to pay housing costs and begin a business I have in mind that I have begun working on.  Using my skills and education, I feel qualified to start a school.

Housing provides a place to work at a desk.  Living in a van does not give me this opportunity and so I’ve checked around seeking affordable offices to rent but could not find any without commuting into Seattle, a horrible and long commute that seems like a waste of time.  My dilemma now is how to work in a work-space where I can work uninterrupted by children or other people, and be able to work into the night.  I thought of a large church that I want to pursue asking permission to work in.  I could sit in a lobby even to create material and a website.

Tonight I’m in my van parked on the side of the road in a residential area typing this blog post.  My cell phone provides a hot spot so I am able to get online.  I suppose this is a crude office space that I hope is just temporary.  You might say I’ve created a workspace at no cost which fits my budget.  I try to be thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ where I can.  He helps me stay strong and optimizes my resources, He gives me ideas and generally helps me stay at peace.  I don’t have to impress anyone.

Today I am happy to report that I bought a domain name today and have the web host paid for.  I am not going to give the name out at this point but hope to launch this site in the coming weeks.

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