Anger at God · Christianity

Anger At God

scream-1819736__340As I’m reading about the Lord Jesus, wondering what I’ll write about, it came to mind that some people may have grown up with an angry view of God, that he’s some mean man in the sky with a warped view of humanity.  I find it hard to believe that in my early days of life there were people then who were given the wrong messages about the Lord, our Father, and who he really is.

I studied this through some friends I have, and remembered in my childhood how a friend of mine had decided she would turn her back on her Christian faith, and she became a lesbian for many years.  I found this hard to believe knowing that her family belonged to a church, were Presbyterians as I recall, and in high school at least she began her lesbian lifestyle.  There were lesbians then but they were hidden and kept this part of their lives very secret.  That’s how it was then.  Look at today’s LBGTQ “communities” and how “out” they are and how much they’ve changed society and on so many levels.

My friend then changed back into being “straight”, got married, to my uncle as a matter of fact, but they broke up being that he drank as a problem, one of many would be my guess.

Other friends I’ve had over the years including people I went to Unity Church with years ago talked about an angry God who was unpredictable and un-understandable.  He didn’t make sense.  As I recalled my Unity Church experience, I was troubled by what they said.  First they called themselves a “church” but there were no bibles in the place.  I’m glad and relieved to have gotten out of that organization years ago.

I feel the tragic loss of my friends having had a very skewed picture of God, of the Trinity, and having had very bad experiences growing up in a Christian home.  Their parents did not teach them right, and they got the wrong teaching that made them mad at God and never want anything to do with him.  Jesus beckons, I do pray, and I pray they will return to him, learn about him, and receive his love for them.  

It is harmful for people to believe “another god”, one who is not Jesus, but who is someone else’s ignorant portrayal of Jesus given them when they were a child.  I pray for their change of heart, that they would study the bible and begin a relationship with the  Lord and Savior, our life-giving redeemer.  They have relied upon other people teaching them about the Lord and have seemingly turned their backs on him, having no interest in wading into the waters of knowing God because of the bad experiences they’ve had.  How tragic.

Lord, please call to these people who were taught the wrong things about you, who have anger from their early childhood experiences and the religious homes they were brought up in.  I know you can change hearts and minds, and I pray that they might have a change of heart to bring them back to you, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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