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Not A True Church: A Great Falling Away

hymnal-468126_1280It’s hard for some of us to find a church home where we feel like we belong there.  The church services may feel too commercialized, and meant for entertaining the audience, rather than have a focus on Christ Jesus and in hearing his word preached by studied pastors.

It’s been hard for me as well.  I have “church shopped” and never found anything that I wanted to become a part of.  In today’s world it’s about church growth instead of church worship.

By church I mean true believers, not people who go to church because they feel it’s a safe, clean place to meet people, make friends and socialize.

Many of the so-called parishioners are young and want the stimulating bands up front playing upbeat music, often from Hillsong songs.  But some of us miss the good old style hymns even with an up-tempo but has the same verses easily recognized by older parishioners.  I feel very put-off by music that seems to be songs that combine romance with Jesus somehow; this feels very uncomfortable, and bizarre.  I don’t think it’s right.  

False teaching is common, and it’s very hard to find truth in the pastor’s sermons.  It’s about the numbers; how many members are in the church, have the numbers grown from month to month, year to year, and this compromises the true message of Jesus.

I’ve written several times about how the charismatics have changed the meaning of the bible in many verses and have fallen into self-worship of themselves in an arrogant showing that looks like they are trying to play god.  Only God performs true miracles.  People seem to think they are blessed with miraculous “powers” that reminds me of the occult which is a self-aggrandizement of oneself, making believe they have special powers.  It’s because of a need to be special, more special than others and so playing a game of who’s better than who in God’s eyes.  It’s made for man to be better than other men and is a childish, prideful attempt to order God around, to heal this person or that person, to speak incantations that are like coded “prayers” that order God around.

I’ve had people throw me fireballs of healing, they said formulaic statements they use such as “give me more power Jesus” to heal a person, commanding Jesus to give them “more and more of your Holy Spirit” which is just ridiculous and an insult to God.  Commanding the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus to heal a person, who doesn’t heal, then blaming the person for not having enough faith, is a word-of-faith conjuration that lies to a person, building hopes of healing, then blaming them as if it’s their fault they did not have the faith to heal themselves, really.  How victimizing can one be?  To victimize people and call themselves Christians speaks of the great falling away that we read about in Matthew:

And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another.   And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.  And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. ~ Matthew 24:10-12

It’s sad to know that so many will fall away from the true teaching of Christ, from the truth of the bible, and will mislead so many to hell.

This is seriously disturbing and very sad to know.  I’m sure Jesus feels the same way but as we know, this has been biblical, known by God and he has expected this to happen.  I am still sad about this but it is thankfully not my job to worry about.  I do the best I can teaching people the truth of the gospel.

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