Lord Of My Life

Another thought about the business I have put on the back-burner; I wanted to start that school, now I’m wondering if I should pursue a job as a therapist and hang my own shingle, as they say.  The whole process might take me the next few years or more since it is a long process to get licensed in a new state when you’ve been out of the business for awhile.  Then, once you’re licensed, you have to jump through hoops to work independently.

It takes a long time; meeting your goals, setting goals and even figuring out what your long-term goals are.  My goal to end my homelessness may be ending in the next few weeks, and this has been a long time in coming.  I’ve been homeless living in a vehicle for about ten months.  That’s almost a year.  I have been counting the months that I have been hanging on, being short-tempered in this environment, and thanking God at the same time.  I’ve become closer to God than I ever have been and that’s been the biggest blessing I can think of ever having.

Being vulnerable and depending on God so much has enhanced my life.  I cannot describe how good it feels to know that Jesus Christ is real; that he watches over my life and takes care of me, my food and shelter, and has kept me safe.  I am very blessed to know that Jesus is a real God and he has blessed me with everlasting life.  I can only be grateful to his gracious kindness in helping me through the hard times.  I can never repay him; I only have my wishes of blessings I say to him mostly every day and I do not forget he is in charge.

Soon I may be moving in with a person who is my age, female, and she sounds very nice, a friend, hopefully, that I have not yet met.  A few correspondences tells me that she sounds on-the-ball, a kind person, and hopefully this will work out.

After managing to stay with friends during my transition, I have found work and have been asked if I would work as a permanent employee – to my delight – at this point.  Even though it’s not my line of work, it is a stable job.  It gives me the time to plan my life, where I go from here, as far as a promising career.  I may have to give up some cherished possessions but I’ve found that giving them up made room for a new life.  Where I go from here is up to God; he is the Lord of my life.


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