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Jesus, A Friend In Times Of Need

Jesus-names-ofTonight I’m just updating folks about my hopefully impending move out of my van into a house that I will share with another lady.  She is showing me her house this weekend.

It’s been a long road being homeless with few happy times, although I have gotten closer to the Lord Jesus Christ because of it.

I rely on him for everything.

I hope to make it up to heaven, dirty rags and all because he has been the best provider of all my needs.  

A friend sent me a check for almost all of a full month’s rent so that will help me with move-in costs; the full first, last and a deposit.  That makes it steep but now I have money for most of the first month’s rent.

I am very grateful to friends who have stood by my side and encouraged me to keep going in my walk with the Lord.

He has been a friend to me as I get to know him more.  

Praise the Lord Jesus!

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