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John MacArthur’s Notes From His Study Bible I Would Recommend Reading: Speaking In Tongues And Sign Gifts Have Ceased

wp-image-2094332492Today I’ve read from John MacArthur’s study bible where he has notes on speaking in tongues and also sign gifts from 1 Corinthians, and how these sign gifts have ceased.  It is what makes one a cessationist, knowing that the signs used back in the books of Acts have ceased, not to be confused by thinking that cessationists believe that the Lord Jesus or any facet of the Trinity can no longer perform miracles.

That is wrong thinking and the wrong teaching about cessationists, and an unfair portrayal of what they (including myself) believes.

Hear me read John MacArthur’s notes from his study bible on these issues.  They are a good handful of his notes, but they are not all of the notes he writes on these issues by any means.  They should give you a good understanding of where he comes from in saying that the sign gifts including tongues have ceased in this modern day.

Please listen and have yourself a field day proving to your friends that they are wrong and blaspheming the Holy Spirit in saying he is speaking in gibberish.

3 thoughts on “John MacArthur’s Notes From His Study Bible I Would Recommend Reading: Speaking In Tongues And Sign Gifts Have Ceased

  1. This is such an important topic, sister, thank you for writing about it and for adding the reading of the notes. I can’t wait to listen. I spent over a decade in the Charismatic Movement never hearing the Gospel, but I heard a lot about speaking in tongues and being healed. When I heard the Gospel for the first time it was heartbreaking to realize how many were lost and confused. It’s a very confusing, and honestly disheartening, belief to hold. So much burden is placed on being healed, without that healing you’re told you just don’t have enough faith. I have a lot of family members who won’t seek medical care because they think it shows a lack of faith. I so appreciate you shining a light on this topic. God bless you, sister, grace to you!

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    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing about your experience in the Charismatic movement! I went down that road for a short time myself, but felt I was being pushed into it as a new Christian. I am so glad you have found the Truth, and come out of it! I think it is the darkness of devils. I hope and pray more people find the Truth in God’s Word!

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