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Everything Goes As Planned: God’s Timing

bible-1149924__340I’ve been away from my blog for about two weeks and just thought I’d get back to write up a blog post.  This is going to be quick.

I am transitioning from being homeless to living in someone’s home, and my van is still not unpacked yet and I have much to bring in and get organized in a bedroom I am renting.  It’s not a clean house but the lady is the same age as me, so I am not expecting wild parties anytime soon.  That’s great.  But her grown sons keep coming over to mooch dinner and cable TV movies off of her.   They’re in the house a lot and must have their own keys or she keeps the door unlocked when she’s home for them to come in.  This morning while on my way out to work I found the front door unlocked.  This doesn’t make me feel safe.

I want to move soon and I will have to give a 45-day notice to move out since I signed a six-month rental agreement with her.  She is subleasing to me with the landlord’s permission but her boys could practically live there and sometime’s one spends the night. 

I would love my own home since this is the not the place I want to wind up.  If I get my business off the ground, and if I charged any money for anything on my website I’ve not yet published, I may earn enough income to live on my own somewhere.  I realize a lot of people have this same dream; to buy a house and live there for a long time.  The economy is getting better after a slow rise from the 2010 mortgage banking crash where everyone lost their homes and stood in unemployment lines.  Many lost their houses and some smaller mortgage loan banks folded.  Remember “too big to fail?”  Well, that was why.  Some of the bigger banks made it through that time like Chase bank, as I recall yet some of the smaller banks didn’t make it.  That seems harsh, but I have yet to pay back the student loans that have accrued since 1996 and beyond…

I guess I can’t cry over spilt milk as they say but I want to get on a financial budget and plan on saving my money so I can move out of this place, and find a new, affordable house I can buy with a loan I can afford while I pay back my student loans, and gradually.  I know many people face this same dream, and are in my same reality having to budget, plan and make dreams come true.

I’ve learned a lot with God’s help; I’ve quit the bank that charged me a high overdraft fee and found another bank that has high APY rates, and it ain’t Wells Fargo or Bank of America, for God’s sake!

Listening to God in my heart who nudges me along this road, saving, spending less and really thinking about what I need and planning ahead.  Making changes to my car insurance company and lowering my cell phone bill are small changes I’ve been making to live within my means.

We’ve got a glorious God to be thankful for, who patiently waits for us to catch up.  He beckons, at least that’s what I think… 


4 thoughts on “Everything Goes As Planned: God’s Timing

  1. Hello again.
    Good news about your room.
    Just some information that may be useful to a fellow Christian:
    –High inflation is coming, so don’t waste money paying off debts.
    –The economic cycle is about to roll over into another recession, give it a year at most.
    –house prices are very bubbly, renting is likely to be a better option for a few years.
    –physical gold is the best savings option over the next 10 years or so, it will probably increase by 10x to 30x (it did 22x in a similar period in the 70s).

    May God stay with you and keep you safe.

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    1. Hi glosoli, thank you for your post. I am aware that many save and buy gold and believe it is good, however I am saving my dimes and nickels since I don’t have enough to spend on buying gold. It seems we are on a roller-coaster ride these days with the cultural norms being out of whack: I pray God will intervene. God bless you glosoli.


  2. Hi Suzanne. I am wondering if you could find an affordable office somewhere where you could open up a practice and then arrange living quarters in a back room. This might help you a bit and then you could advertise in the yellow pages and on the internet as a Mental Health professional Counselor. You can even advertise in the newspaper on the religious section that you are a Christian Counselor.
    My wife and I are going to stop our internet service until we can afford something else as they are raising their rates. We are going to try using the wifi hot spots for awhile. I will continue to pray for you and may our heavenly Father guide and protect you in everything. He is good and will never leave you or forsake you. All things work together for our good.
    He is shaping you into the image of His Son and so our trials are for our benefit both here and in eternity. We can’t lose. God bless you always.

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    1. Hi tearick, I have looked for office space in my area which can be too expensive, having the same thought myself. If I can find a house I can afford this year, later in the year, I’d be glad to have some trustworthy Christians in my home, that way I could consider being a counselor and learn more about the bible, how Christ would have spoken to people who were hurting. I know my way is on the map at this point, rather I am on the map I feel He has set me on. I work hard and now they are going to give me a bit of a raise if I were to stay on permanantly, It’s been a long road, and I assume it has been for you also. He will provide a way for us; I am sure of it tearick. Blessings and prayers for you and your wife.


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