God Works In Wonderful Ways: Moving Again

wp-image-986893030I’m making a change in my life yet again while praying to the Lord that I am doing the right thing.  I pray to the Lord Jesus more now and have not kept to reading the bible each day as I have while living in the van.  It seems living in dire hardship made me desperate for the Lord and in reaching out to him strongly every day.  I am grateful for that period of time in my life since it brought me closer to his strength, power and comfort.  I was not afraid and not anxious. 

I was angered by the inconvenience of living in a van but then I was grateful that there had been a way for me to relocate to where the better jobs are and that my temporary position will be a permanent job soon.  My company is doing a background check on me and that is all that needs to be done before I am on permanent status with a pay raise.  This piece of my life seems to have gotten better and has been a very important part of my survival.

Last night I met a Christian lady about 20 minutes up the freeway from where I live who will rent a room to me for $300/month less.  I am wanting to move; Patti seems harsh and unfriendly when I want to talk to her about something.  She dominates the conversation, not really listening in a kind way, it is setting the boundaries, hers, in stone, that effects me in a negative way as if I am a slave in this house and have no rights to talk with her about how the wireless doesn’t work well with my laptop. 

Or as with last night’s unfriendly confrontation, she wasn’t believing that I really had to leave when I was rushing out the door on my way to meet the lady who will rent a room to me.  Patti wanted to talk to me about the wireless/cable connection as I was leaving and had made an appointment for the cable man to come out this afternoon without asking me if I were going to be home to let him in.  She asked sarcastically as if I had nothing ever to do, “oh, are you going to be late?  Do you have to be somewhere?”  I answered yes, and I had an appointment and I had to go, then shut the door behind me.

I feel uncomfortable here and the rent is too high for what works for me in this space.  So I met Bonnie, who seemed to be more socially-conscious and a Christian who will do nice things for the renters.  She has one Christian male renter, age about 48, a grown son, a cat and a dog.  She must be nice having animals in the home, I hope.

God works in wonderful ways.  I can move out of Patti’s into a Christian friend’s home since she feels like a friend to me already.  I will travel further to work but will be earning more, so won’t work the overtime as I have in the past, so the drive will make up for the time I worked overtime.   The trade-off is okay.   I may buy CDs to listen to in order to worship the Lord during the longer drive.   I am very grateful for this and how God mysteriously puts people together who care about Christians in a respectful way.

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