God Is At Work Again: I Am Moving

kirkland googlemapSo, on my journey taking the hand of the Lord God Almighty walking me through the perils of life; and for that, I am blessed, I found I would not move in with another landlady/landlord who was unkind or unpleasant to me.

They seem to take me for granted, acting as if I am shady.  I happen to have become a permanent employee where I’ve worked as a temp for the past six months, and how am I a shady lady?  I don’t understand that.

This last landlord who I was going to move in with did not understand that here in the state of Washington, also California I might add, that if you move that your driver’s license can still have the same old address of where you used to live, even though you’ve moved.  She called me a liar because of my old address.

Although I later informed her that my address has been updated on the Washington state driver’s license website; I just didn’t want to go to all the trouble of getting a new one quite yet, being not sure whether I wanted to stay at Patti’s or not, she still called me “not mature enough” to understand why she didn’t trust me, and like a shot out the darkness she called me a liar and so would not rent to me.

Okay, I thought.  How does she have it on her radar, not asking me about that?  Just jumping to the conclusion that I must be a shady character like there is no explanation for having an old address on my driver’s license?  It simply shows I was too lazy to get a new license or was too busy, or it might be cost-prohibitive, or one of several reasons I have an outdated driver’s license but it has my picture and date of birth on it?  I’ve had to register with my social security and date of birth to get that license, so how am I shady?

After all, I told her I just moved into this other place and was unhappy about the noise and many other things, so have given my notice to move out.  If I’m not sure where I want to live, why should I go to all that trouble of taking time, money and energy to get a new plastic driver’s license?  Sheese, I’ll be there may be millions of people in America who do not update their driver’s license information.

Well, I’m a liar I guess, and immature, according to the lady who calls herself a Christian.  

How funny that is; I can’t seem to have a normal conversation with many of the landlord’s I’ve corresponded with.  I just want to get on in life.

Thank you, God.

One thought on “God Is At Work Again: I Am Moving

  1. I rent a home out and all we are hoping and praying for is someone to not tear up the home and to pay on time. I can’t imagine the nit picky things others worry about. They probably had horrific past experience like we have had and are just now not trusting in others.
    Do not let this take your peace.. their inability to trust someone is actually their choice. As long as you are doing what is right, hold your had up high and move on! God bless your journey! Praying for you!


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