Ramblings About Transgenderism. Why I Cannot Be A Counselor And Be A Christian At The Same Time: An Example

Someone wrote on their blog recently that they felt “dehumanized” because they were a transgender who said they were a Christian.  Someone had criticized transgendered people and it didn’t feel fair to this person.  They felt criticized as a person and took it personally as a person who had a change in their identity. 

The bible talks about sin.  Sin is sin.  Transgenderism is an unfortunate malfunction, somehow, of humans.  

Our DNA is usually male or female; transgenderism is a human form of changing identity, but not the DNA.  They are born male or female, that’s what God ordained, not transgenderism.  Transgenderism, maybe a wish to be the opposite sex of what they were born to be, is a mental illness to me.  That is what is wrong with society.  Society changes with social norms that change over time.  Remember the sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s?

Social norms doesn’t make it right.  Mutilation of the body in an effort to make a person another sex displays someone who is mentally deranged, who wants to make themselves into a new person.  Not the one they were born to be as, from birth on in their lives.

Trying to change the sex of a human being is not normal.  It is unbiblical.  What did Jesus teach?

He taught the words of the Father in heaven who did not speak about changing the body so you’re a male if born female, and vice-versa.  

Where in the bible does it talk about that?

Same with homosexuality; it’s throughout the Old Testament.

Do not lie with the same sex, is what it talks about, and how that’s sin.

Do we let changing sexual norms change what is right?

We men meant to be women, and women meant to be men?

The answer is no, of course.

The blogger who said they were transgender and a Christian, doesn’t know what he or she is talking about.

And really, what are they trying to be?  A he who is also a she?  Or the other way around?

I’m just asking.

This transgendered “Christian” did not keep with the bible that did not say anyone was supposed to change their “gender”.  Transgendered people do not change their DNA that designates us as being male or female.  They change their bodies in cosmetic ways, pretending as if they were someone or something else than that which they were born to be.

Is it for man to change what his sexual designation is, to mutilate themselves physically, morally and sexually?  Or is it God’s designation that He made some mistakes, and people are not born into the right sexual category?  How can God make mistakes?

He never taught that we were supposed to be male or female, only that Adam and Eve started the whole human race.  Sometimes people forget that.  They are self-reliant, owning their own fleshly minds; not knowing enough or understanding the mind of God, their Creator.

Not all are saved, and not all transgendered people are saved.  Just because you’re a transgendered person does not make you God’s child.  He is the Creator of the human race and the DNA He put into our bodies, but saving yourself from sin is not how it works.  We don’t get to dictate if we are saved.

Being saved from sin is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He died on the cross to erase all the sin in the world for those he chooses to “save”; he died on the cross for those of us who acknowledge our sin and believe on his work on the cross.  Jesus is the Savior.  Man did not save himself from all sin; Jesus did that in one fell swoop on the cross by dying that day.

Then he rose again, as we’ve studied in the bible.

But does the transgendered people know that?  They seem not to.

Creating a bible that welcomes all sin is wrong.  It is not the bible.  It’s is someone’s version of it.  It did not get written by men inspired by God Himself to write it.  Men in churches who welcome all sinners who live in sin are creating a death pit; they do not stand out as saying all sin is wrong.  Sin is sin.

The ways of man are sinful and we have a sinful nature now that mankind “fell” when Adam and Eve took a bite out of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.  They knew the sin and had their eyes and minds open to the sinful ways that man since then has suffered through.

We need a Savior.  That man is Jesus.


Is Pain God’s Way Of Saying We Need Him To Solve Our Problems?


I’ve been thinking about Scientology, watching videos about their ‘religion’ for kicks, watching Tom Cruise jump on couches on Oprah’s show years ago, wondering what it is all about.  Maybe there is a kernel of truth into the world of mad-science, being Scientology, and it makes me wonder how much of our truth-telling is really getting measured on those things they use, their “e-Meter”.  

Why do they use “auditing”, what is this about?  Are they really using this e-Meter technique to tear down barriers of bad memories holding them back?  

Isn’t this bio-feedback in the weird, pseudoscientific craft of the dreaded “lie-detector” system, used by the CIA?  Or biofeedback to train your body to not be harmed by something?  Can I walk on water or suspend my body if I just think it enough times where I believe it?  What is this strange awful thing about?  And why must I control my body and mind so that I have no problems to wonder about or learn from?

Isn’t pain, such as psychic trauma, a warning to us that we’ve been harmed?  The last I knew having pain was good; it informed the person that something is wrong.  It gave us strength to build on past hurts, making us strong and growing up in a different direction to either go around the thing that bothers us or learn something new, growing, forging new paths in our wake.  The strength to get past something should be applauded and acknowledged, not ignored or desensitized to.  We need pain to tell us which way to go in life, and our bodies let us know through painful signals that we are harmed, something needs to be fixed.  It is God-given.

A lot can be written about pain; it is difficult to go through, psychically, mentally, physically, financially, socially, and the list goes on.

I’ll leave it to you to deal with your pain, since food is where I go if I’m feeling bothered by someone or a particular issue in my personal life.  Food is a healing balm in and of itself.  Didn’t mothers nurturing us during breastfeeding become the first and most natural way of comfort, nurturing our bodies, having warmth, companionship and protecting, historically at least, helping us to understand that food is nature’s way of saying, “there, there, it will be all right”? 

Someone was there, taking care of us. 

I’m thinking there are other ways besides e-Metering in the Scientology cult to deal with that which bothers you.  

I advocate starting with prayer, and seeking God in His truest form; being Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and his saving grace, saving us from ourselves and our dangers, dwelling with us.  He is present, hearing our cries of pain, a willing participant in all our struggles, helping us to find ways out of bad situations.

He is my strength in every need.  I rely on him daily to see the road ahead of me, and guide my life’s energy the way He feels is best for me. 

Drafting Opinions About the Mental Health Disordered World We’re Living In

So I wrote in my last blog post here about why I am writing this blog; the nagging idea that I no longer want to work as a therapist, social worker, and mental health clinician anymore in my life.  I’m nearing an age where I have to take my daily life seriously and work to make my personal world a better place.

It takes money, and I dream of the day when I own my own company and can live how I want to; no neighbors, room-mates or annoying people bothering me.

Don’t you want freedom, the power to lead the life you want to live?

I want my own space to do photography, or maybe news of a different kind.

This blog is a place for me to analyze my life’s path in the field of psychology and maybe make a change in people’s lives by being a voice about the problems I’ve faced working in these “helping” professions.

Having been on the inside, I think a few opinions from an experienced mental health clinician is in order.  It’s a failed system in my opinion.

A Career Change

wp-image-1988290866Giving up a career is hard, especially when I studied to earn my bachelor’s degree, then a psychology degree completing a Master’s degree, and on toward earning a Ph.D. in psychology.

I worked for years as a Mental Health Clinician and did well on the job.  

Then, a new thought became apparent after I came to believe in Christ Jesus and accepted him as Savior and Lord.

My view of psychotherapy gradually became different.  It wasn’t accurate, as I had learned in my courses.   Diagnosing became troublesome.  I didn’t believe in therapeutic treatments anymore.  I had come to a crossroads in my thinking about psychology.

I have become a Christian, and, after working in the field of psychology for many years while I lived in the California Bay Area, I find that I no longer can diagnose a person using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) psychiatrists use to label a person ill.  I would be a liar if I thought I could help someone when I didn’t believe in the industry of psychology anymore.

A rubber room of gibberish, taking the culture of the day and mixing it with the behaviors we saw, then labeling a person what mental illnesses we chose from a manual to guide us about what went on with a person to make them this way.  The cure was not to be found.

Diagnosing a person then labeling them ill is not a helpful way to treat a person.  There is no compassion; no understanding, no time to build relationships with these people.  Only paperwork, documentation, filing systems, and medical models to refer to.

How was I to keep a person from cutting themselves when they wanted attention all day long?  How could I help them feel better about themselves?

It was all too hopeless.  Some patients never made it and were lost to hell, never knowing Jesus except to find him in slogans of those helping 12-steps programs, but you picked the God you wanted.  He may be a vacuum cleaner, even, to suck up all the dirt in one’s life.

This isn’t funny to me, being a Christian, looking back at all I sat through all those 30-some years while staying in Al-Anon.  I was an Al-Anon misfit.  I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know how to fix it except to tell my story all day long and that was no help to me whatsoever.

In fact, it may have relayed too much.  People didn’t seem to show the respect or kindness I craved when I went to those meetings.  I was another number like everyone else.  We completed on who was liked the most; on how many wanted me to sponsor them.  And then I became overwhelmed.  It was no fun.

My thoughts have come round now to put these words to blog; I cannot explain exactly why I don’t want to diagnose a person the way I felt I had to back then.  The agency I worked for, several in fact, prompted me to use the five dimension axes system, decision tree method, and other assessment tools.  Companies can collect on health insurance providers with this kind of information, so we did this to get paid.

Diagnosis codes, treatment modalities, case notes, were the road to happiness for me.  Getting that paycheck every two weeks was what I needed to buy a house, pay for college, and get ahead in life.  I was on my way.

I thought.

I taught college and was a University Instructor.  I was quite good; teaching was a natural fit for me; report-writing was an added strength, and I enjoyed teaching at the college level. 

My students were happy with me and as I look back on that time, I am afraid I helped guide students into a mess, where I don’t believe in the curriculum anymore and have a large student loan bill to pay for.  I doubt I will pay it off in my lifetime.